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John Wren

  • Contrary to Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, I am not a Russian bot, nor am I paid by the Australian Labor Party, although I am an ALP member. I consider calling out the lies of the Australian Liberal Party, other political conservatives and the Murdoch media a public service. It’s my national duty, so to speak.

    In reality, I am a Melbourne small businessman with interests in a number of different enterprises. I employ between 15 to 20 people at any one time (a mix of permanent employees and sub-contractors) depending on our demands. All my employees are union members. I would not have it any other way.

    Personally, I am the son and grandson of trade union leaders. A Kiwi by birth, an Australian by naturalisation, an Engineer with an MBA. I was raised steeped in the stories, legends and ideology of our great Labor movement. I’m more than rusted on, I’m welded tight. I consider New ealand's Norm Kirk and Australia’s Gough Whitlam to be two of the greatest leaders my countries have produced. Both were cut short in their prime.

    Why the pseudonym, you ask? Many years ago, I tweeted and blogged under my own name. I received direct threats to my business, person and family; Calls in the dead of night to my home. Some were made by very well-known senior members of the Liberal Party. They forced me underground. I chose the great John Wren’s moniker, because social media gave me the power to influence, without the glory of people knowing who I am.

    I now have Power without Glory.

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