The death of competition?

Are we approaching a new economic period where competition is but a distant memory, replaced by ...  
Australia's economy hits an all-time low

Relative to the rest of the world, Australia’s economy now is worse than at any time in the ...  
Getting away with it: Gas companies not paying their fair share

Australians are being pitted against each other while corporate rorts cost us tens of billions a ...  
Tough trade talks with European negotiators who broke the Brits over Brexit

Tensions rose between Europe and Australia over trade – with the EU’s head man in agriculture ...  
TPG and Vodafone: New opportunities to open up the mobile market

With TPG withdrawing its plans to commence a new mobile network, Paul Budde examines the possible ...  
What does Japan’s whaling announcement actually mean?

What are the ramifications of Japan's decision to resume commercial whale hunts?  
Horse racing kicks sand in the face of Levy's Beach

A coastal town has been divided over the decision to allow commercial horse training in a prote ...  
Broad-based taxes drive economic inequality

Broad-based taxes are often designed to guarantee wealth concentration, not to mitigate inequal ...  
A fair go for local news media

As Australian media struggles to survive, digital giants such as Google and Facebook are unfairly ...  
The attack of the pokies

Matthew Coscia provides an insider's view on the deceptive ways of the gaming industry.  
APA shelves project after public resistance

Community resistance from a small town has left the future of a large scale pipeline project in ...  
In sad remembrance of Australia's auto industry

The history of the rise of the auto industry has rarely been addressed in public debate, writes ...  
Banks, insurance companies and other corporate failures

In the end, it is not companies that perform well or badly. It is people.  
The Sydney Opera House: Beauty, dignity and class have a price

Dr Binoy Kampmark illustrates how the almighty dollar holds more value than aesthetics when it ...  
Alan Jones and the Liberal Party turn the Opera House into a giant billboard

Spurred on by shock jock Alan Jones and supported by the PM, NSW Premier Berejiklian is now facing ...  
Are Australian labour hire companies exploiting vulnerable workers?

All over Australia labour-hire companies are big business, hiring mainly casual and temporary ...  
Future of innovation in Australia uncertain after latest #LibSpill

Are Australians aware of the mess that is Australian innovation policy, asks Rachel French.  
The Morrison Government's aged care merry-go-round

After cutting funding by $1.2 billion, why is the Morrison Government now calling a royal commi ...  
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