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Wishful thinking, thy name is Labor
Michael Galvin asks if the 2019 Election might have had a different result had Labor focused more effort on winning Tasmania.
Scomo, Trump and the Queensland factor
Scott Morrison's targeted, small-scale campaign resonated better with voters than Labor's broader vision for Australia, writes Dr Binoy Kampmark.

The election that had to happen: The rise of the Independents
The next Federal Election will be focused on diversity and Independent politicians, writes Adam Jacoby.
Politicians suing for defamation: Freedom of speech?
As it becomes a more common practice for politicians to sue for defamation, perhaps it's time for some reforms to the law.
Wren's Week: Labor Party down but not out
Despite their loss at the recent election, the Labor party can regroup and become the beacon of hope Australia needs.
Partisan media, incoherent Labor and the rabble clings to power
Dr Geoff Davies provides an analysis of factors leading to the Coalition's election victory, including mainstream media bias.
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