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Seven reasons why small modular nuclear reactors are a bad idea for Australia
There are several reasons why it would be a bad idea for Australia to jump aboard the bandwagon of small modular reactors.
Wren's Week: Religious protection and ScoMo goes troppo
Issues relating to the protection of religious practices have arisen again while our Prime Minister dons floral headwear.

The Australian: Another day, another minority group to denigrate
A recent article in The Australian has come under fire for its backwards views on transgender people, writes Melvin Fechner.
Battles at Queensland University: Starting to look like conflicts of the past
The recent protests at Queensland University are taking it back to a time when it was a leading centre of radical action.
NBN Co’s gain is the retailer's loss
Changes in marketing have led to a profit for NBN Co, but there are still plenty of economical and technical bugs to iron out.
U.S. and Australia — joined at the hip
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wants us to join with the U.S. in tackling the problems which Donald Trump created with Iran.
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