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Is it legal for Clive Palmer to text us?
Steven Lopez explains how the annoying text messages people have been receiving from Clive Palmer aren't as illegal as some think.
Brexit chaos: The failure of Westminster
As the Brexit saga continues with no solution in sight, it is worth reflecting on flaws in the democratic system that allowed it to happen.

The unspoken crimes of the ASX — part 5
Due to fraud, the ASX has become a toxic environment for genuine investors, writes Benjamin John Pauley.
Fraser Anning admits to not having a clue
In this exclusive interview, Senator Anning opens up about some recent adventures to IA's Rocky Dabscheck.
EDITORIAL: Something stinks in the Coalition and it's not just dead fish
The sight of close to a million dead fish in one of Australia’s most important waterways may herald the end for the Morrison Government.
Is Trump a necessary evil?
Trump is necessary to show us where democracy is failing but more than that, Trump is showing all of us what we have become.
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