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Would you like to contribute to Independent Australia? 

Independent Australia is one of Australia's most popular news websites, with thousands of people reading IA stories every day.

Our stories come from our talented editorial team and regular columnists, as well as from a host of contributors from around the world.

Contributing is easy. Read the guidelines below and simply email your article to submissions@independentaustralia.net

Submission checklist (see detailed checklist below)

  • Is your topic suited to IA?
  • Is your submission in word, or word-compatible format?
  • Is the word count between 700-1200 words?
  • Remember to check spelling, punctuation and grammar.
  • Remember to include hyperlinks to all claims and names.
  • Does your article comply with the MEAA Code of Ethics?
  • Have you attributed sources for any images?
  • Add a title, summary and keywords.
  • Has your submission been published elsewhere?
  • Don't forget to include a short bio and photo of yourself.


We publish on every topic and all our stories have an underlying thread — a desire to right wrongs and injustices, and to make the world a better place.

Our main editorial focus is on federal politics, democracy, the environment, human rights, Australian identity, Indigenous issues, economics, finance, health, law and the justice system.

Pique our interest with original content or a fresh slant on a current issue. Look for issues the mainstream media isn’t reporting, or take a different angle than the mainstream media. We are looking for new ideas, not the same old spin.

Please note
  • We do not accept unpaid native advertising dressed up as news. 

Style Guide

Submissions should be sent in Word or Word-compatible file format. Please do not use a PDF file due to formatting problems. 

Your pieces will be looked on much more favourably if they conform to IA's style. You can find the latest version of the Independent Australia style guide HERE.


IAs preferred article length is between 700 and 1,200 words — with 700 being more preferred than 1,200. The minimum length we will accept is 350 words.

In very exceptional circumstances, we will consider longer articles but this is rare and usually relates to investigative pieces.

Try to keep your sentences short and choose shorter words. If you’re unsure, run your article through a readability index tool (like this one).

Please note: 
  • If articles over 1,200 words are accepted for publication, they may be edited at our discretion to comply with IA's requirements.

Proofreading: Spelling, grammar and punctuation

We receive a large number of submissions, so contributors who provide clean copy will not only save us time but will receive priority for publication. 

Where not covered in the IA style guide, we recommend The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation.


Always provide links and references (preferably to primary sources or credible institutes) to back up any claims, as well as quotes. We also appreciate it if you could link any names not easily recognised by our readers. 

In this new era of so-called "fake news" and "post-truth", IA is proud of the fact that our readers can check all claims and quotes, and satisfy themselves that our sources are credible. 

To add a hyperlink: 
  • Select the text you want to link to. If it is a quote, don't highlight the whole quote, just the vehicle for the quote, such as "report", "he/she said", "article" and so on. Copy the URL link then click "Insert", select "Hyperlink". In the "Link to" box, paste in the URL link, then click "OK".

Code of Ethics

Independent Australia complies with the MEAA’s Code of Ethics. We recommend you familiarise yourself with it before submitting your piece.

IA is also a member of the Australian Press Council, which enforces ethics and standards in Australia's print media.

Graphics, photos, images

Images and graphs from other news sites may violate the MEAA Code of Ethics. Please ensure you attribute the sources and licence details of any images, graphs and multimedia used.

Title, summary and keywords or tags

The provision of a title and a summary is the best way to pitch your story to us. (Note: titles and summaries supplied by you are working titles only, and will likely not be used if the piece is published.)

Please provide a list of keywords, terms, phrases, real names, places and so on. Known as "search engine optimisation" (SEO), this helps direct traffic to your article from search engines like Google.

Has your submission been published elsewhere?

Please make sure you let us know if your piece has been previously published elsewhere. We preference previously unpublished work but if we choose to republish your submission, the original source must be credited.


If you are a new contributor, you will also need to contribute a short bio, written in the third person, and a profile picture.

For a list of IA contributors and their bios, click HERE.


If your article is selected for publication on Independent Australia, you may receive payment* as follows:

  • If your article receives 5,000 unique page views (that is, views from different IP addresses) as determined by Google Analytics, we will pay you $150 for that contribution. 
  • Each subsequent 5,000 “uniques” the article receives will earn a further $150 for every 5,000 unique views, up to 15,000 uniques. 
  • A report is produced on a quarterly basis and contributors informed accordingly.
*Please note:
  • We do not make payments for articles promoting particular causes or organisations, or republished pieces.
  • Maximum earnings per article: $450.
  • Earnings cease accruing one year after publication in IA.
  • We do not provide statistics for articles that do not meet this minimum threshold or timeframe.

All the best!

Michelle Pini | Executive Editor

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