MUNGO MACCALLUM: Aussie anthem doesn't ring true for all

Our national anthem is back on the playlist and, as always, for the wrong reasons.  
Interstate rivalry costly in times of crisis

COVID-19 has brought into focus the century-old rivalry between the Commonwealth Government and ...  
'Twiggy' refuses to rule out destruction of Aboriginal sacred sites

There are mining companies and then there are mining companies.  
An Australian republic: Why it remains our best choice

Australia should persist in republicanism because it is our best chance to improve the lives of ...  
Recession: With recovery comes hidden risk

One of the less obvious dangers of Australia's recession is the role of vested interests in its ...  
Wattle Day for an inclusive Australia Day

Grassroots calls to move Australia Day to Wattle Day, mean our national day will no longer to be ...  
The idea of American exceptionalism has infected Australia

There is nothing very exceptional about American exceptionalism.  
The Australian republic must enshrine rights for all

The republic proposal must include substantive protections for the disadvantaged, writes Dr Robert ...  
Flaws in Australian wartime society mirror modern times

When I was a child reading about World War II in Europe I believed that some of its less savoury ...  
An Australian republic must inspire and include all

As social movements build in opposition to authoritarian populism around the world, we have to ...  
Political leaders must show conviction in pushing for republic

A quarter-century after Paul Keating proposed an Australian republic, David Muir suggests it has ...  
News Corp's closing of newspapers a blow to Australian communities

News Corp’s closing of its community and regional papers, with few remaining and others onli ...  
Will there be a rise in populism in post-coronavirus Australia?

Australia has avoided the pains of political populism, so far. If that were to change in post- ...  
Australia's homeless situation — we need to do better

The response from our government during the pandemic has raised questions as to how to combat ...  
The shortage of goods during COVID-19 recalls the 'tea panic' of 1942

The recent and alarming reaction of sections of the public to a perceived threat of commodity ...  
Unpaid volunteers are the backbone of the bushfire response

Better coordination and planning can reduce the severity of Australian bushfires, writes Greg ...  
Indigenous Australian suicide rates are tragic — ask Trae

Trae lost his eleven-year-old brother to suicide. Nine months later he lost his mother to suici ...  
'No longer': Recognising Aboriginal heritage and identity

Reflecting on Invasion Day’s proffering of national citizenship ceremonies,  a seminal question ...  
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