HOW GOOD IS SCOMO?! The PM's list of achievements keeps growing

Scott Morrison here again. I've updated my list of achievements to remind you what you'll get if ...  
Behind the scenes with Laura Tangle and PM Morrespin

We take our podcasts and videos extremely seriously here at Independent Australia.  
AUDIO EXCLUSIVE: Laura Tangle talks floods and photo ops with PM Scott Morrespin

ScoMo joins Laura Tangle on ABC $7.10 and and reveals all on disaster management and what it ...  
Morrison, Frydenberg, Joyce and Cash fundraise for Labor electorates

Scott Morrison addresses the crowd in Lismore in New South Wales.  
Spare a tissue for male, middle-aged, millionaire politicians

Can we get a "boo-hoo" for the real victims of rape culture — white, middle-aged, male, mi ...  
HOW GOOD IS SCO-MO?! The comprehensive Scott Morrison leadership checklist

Scott Morrison here. How good are me and my team? Here are just a few of my accomplishments during ...  
Bloody Idiot of the Week — Episode 25: Scomo's greatest hits

It's our first Bloody Idiot episode for 2022 and an election is nigh, which, of course, means ...  
Scott Morrison goes back to school

With the new school year beginning, PM Scott Morrison chose to address students of fine breeding ...  
New religious laws set to ban Christmas, divorce, tattoos

Life will soon become like that Monty Python sketch where a bunch of clerics burst in on an ...  
Prime Minister Scott Morrespin joins Vial & Crackie Oh on 1069 KRAS FM

Prime Minister for NSW Scott Morrespin discusses his Government's top achievements — and also ...  
Shootout at the COVID corral

The summer blockbuster starring the Morrison Government, God and COVID-19.  
AUDIO EXCLUSIVE: Stun Grunt talks to RW emotional influencing guru in Vienna about 'R point'

IA follows reporter Stun Grunt to the wind-swept snow fields of Vienna, Austria, to interview ...  
Sage of Surfers Paradise predicts AusPol 2022: You won’t believe it!

Managing editor Michelle 'Sage' Pini channels her inner clairvoyant to present the following IA ...  
Scott Morrison invents his own polygraph test

Scott Morrison branches out into small business whilst carrying out his duties as prime ministe ...  
Bloody Idiot of the Week — Episode 24: Would Scomocchio lie?

Which version of Scott Morrison is worse? Scotty from photo ops? The liar from the shire? Consp ...  
Alan Tudge opens his own Christian college

School principal, Alan Tudge, addresses the students of Tudge Christian College and Military Might ...  
An open letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Graeme Doyle takes a moment to thank our “wonderful” Prime Minister for all of his “accom ...  
Scotty from marketing sells the nation on Gladys' reputation

Prime Minister Morrison addresses the nation with something really important to announce.  
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