Alan Tudge opens his own Christian college

School principal, Alan Tudge, addresses the students of Tudge Christian College and Military Might ...  
An open letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Graeme Doyle takes a moment to thank our “wonderful” Prime Minister for all of his “accom ...  
Scotty from marketing sells the nation on Gladys' reputation

Prime Minister Morrison addresses the nation with something really important to announce.  
Outgoing NSW Premier Gladys 'The Great' Berejiklian joins 'Insniders'

Gladys Berejiklian shares her reasons for resigning and what the future holds for the trailblazing ...  
Flashback 2013: Leigh Salesperson interviews Dr Craig Emerson on ABC $7.30

After publishing an opinion piece on social media bullying, Leigh Sales has come under criticism ...  
AUDIO EXCLUSIVE: The Sun Rises interviews the United Australia Party

In an exclusive interview on The Sun Rises, heavyweights from the United Australia Party discuss ...  
Gladys boasts about how her Government is teaching us to 'live with COVID'

We join NSW’s Premier Gladys Berejiklian at her daily 11 am press conference.  
Bloody Idiot of the Week — Episode 23: Morrison and Dutton fight to the death

It was too difficult to figure out which of Australia's diabolical duo was the bigger idiot this ...  
Gladys goes to dinner at Brad Hazzard's

NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard invited his Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, to dine at his home ...  
NSW Premier Gladrags Bereftoclues joins David Skynews on 'Insniders'

The NSW Premier shares her gold standard strategy for the Delta strain, including plans to have ...  
Members Exclusive
EDITORIAL: Friendlyjordies v John 'Call Me Pork' Barilaro

John Barilaro’s defamation case against Friendlyjordies, is no longer only about an overpaid and ...  
A letter of gratitude to Gladys and Scott

As a humble Victorian, Rocky Dabscheck felt it was time to acknowledge his superiors.  
AUDIO EXCLUSIVE: Laura Tangle interviews Treasurer Josh Flyhindenberg

Treasurer Flyhindenberg reveals a few important numbers for Laura Tangle — and why it's Dan ...  
Scott Morrison's magnificent four-phase plan

Scott of Cronulla explains his four-phase solution to, well, just about everything. Listen in as ...  
AUDIO EXCLUSIVE: ‘The Sun Rises’ interviews Mr Barilaro, Mr John Barilaro

Everyone is fixated on Mr Barilaro, Mr JOHN Barilaro — join us for your fix. Plus, we cross live ...  
Trashing the brand of Scott

Independent Australia asked many high profile people called Scott, both past and present, how ...  
Scott-liness is next to Godliness

Ever keen to spread the word, God's homie, PM Morrison, lays it on thick with IA’s religion ...  
Bloody Idiot of the Week — Episode 22: Scotty from Marketing crosses a line

It's a very multi-faceted and eclectic line-up of Bloody Idiot contenders this week.  
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