Malcolm Roberts explains everything

We go now to Malcom Roberts’ press conference.  
Career counselling with Rocky

Rocky Dabscheck recently took on a position as a careers counsellor at a leading secondary coll ...  
The dutiful Abbotts

Reasons why Tony is voting ‘No’ and thinks everyone else should too

A document listing the reasons why Tony Abbott thinks we should all vote ‘No’ has been leaked ...  
Coalition and Co Comedy Capers

Deputy editor Michelle Pini critiques the latest show-stopping performances from the Coalition ...  
Open letter to Eric Abetz, praising his efforts exposing GetUp's links to USSR

DON'T PANIC! Eric Abetz has now got those Cold War spies at GetUp! in his sights, so everything's ...  
The character test: Barnaby Joyce's possible Kiwi citizenship loophole

With the High Court having met today to set hearings for several 'dual citizen' MPs, Romesh ...  
The real reason behind Pauline's burqa

A tape of Pauline Hanson’s meeting on the morning of her burqa moment with that never-an-Engl ...  
The Abbotts discuss broken promises

Margaret returns home to the Abbott family home after a week away visiting relatives.  
News from the Sensible Centre™: A busy week for boofheads and bigots

Once again, our (native marsupial) rat in the Sensible Centre™ head office has leaked us their ...  
News from the Sensible Centre™: Malcolm's meat grinder massacre

Once again, Sensei Bill inside the Sensible Centre™ has given us exclusive access to a draft of ...  
Terror bomb plot: Quick Australia, get under the doona covers!

Jim Pembroke ponders Malcolm Turnbull's impressive fear-mongering that has accompanied the latest ...  
The Trump Show: Season Two preview

If the first episode of Season Two is any indicator, it could, like ‘The Godfather’, surpass ...  
At home with the ever plebisciteful Tony Abbott

The Abbotts are at home on one of Tony’s rare nights off, discussing going to see a film.  
EXCLUSIVE: News from the Sensible Centre™

Sensei Bill, our spy inside the Sensible Centre™, has sent us a draft newsletter that is due to ...  
Peter Dutton thinks World Domination (insert maniacal laugh)

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton is acquiring widespread, unchecked powers. Jim Pembroke consi ...  
Truffles, Canavan, Kelly and McSween shine in Australia's galah week of stupid

In a week full of innovative not-racism and under a bright (coal-powered) full moon, Doc Martin ...  
Can you pass the Straya citizenship test?

Minister for Immigration and Border Security Peter Dutton has unwittingly released to IA a copy of ...  
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