RW seniors unite to counter 'uppity' Greta Thunberg-inspired youth climate activists

Newly formed conservative activist group SPERM targets Australians turned-off by Greta Thunb ...  
VIDEO: Bloody Idiot of the Week 11 — Your idiotic word is our command

This week's leading idiots have dialled up the crazy.  
EXCLUSIVE: Barnaby Joyce Drought Envoy texts leaked

Coalition MP Barnaby Joyce has rejected criticism from the Opposition about not compiling a final ...  
The three modern stooges: Boris, ScoMo and Trump

Reminiscent of the Yalta meeting during WWII of three great world leaders, Donald Trump, Boris ...  
VIDEO: Bloody Idiot of the Week 10 — Lies, spies and #ScoMao

Amnesia has hit the Australian Parliament once again.  
Britain cancels democracy experiment

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Alexander Boris de ...  
PM Morrison bans unisex toilets in memory of Engadine Maccas

In a major setback for transgender rights, Prime Minister Scott Morrison today placed a blanket ...  
Pauline Hanson’s School of Oneness

IA joins Pauline Hanson as she addresses the student body on day one at her new primary school ...  
Pell the influencer

With free time on his hands, the once Cardinal George Pell discovers he has a facility as a s ...  
Barnaby and those damn bills

In a rare fly-on-the-wall audio recording, Barnaby Joyce shares with IA his daily struggle to ...  
A day in the life of that champion of free speech, Israel Folau

Folau’s fun-filled day starts at the Sydney Cricket Ground, watching the Sydney Swans do battle ...  
Science Watch: Get a go-have a go disease can be terminal

Two new and virulent diseases within the cluster of delusional disorders are attacking susceptible ...  
The divine rapture of Scott Morrison

Months after the miracle of 18 May, PM ScoMo finds himself still firmly in the embrace of divine ...  
Peter Dutton's History of Australia

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton discusses his new book, 'Peter Dutton's History of Australia ...  
Why you should vote for ScoMo

ScoMo explains why he should be elected Australia's PM on 18 May, in this exclusive interview with ...  
Barnaby, the old man and the river

Barnaby Joyce opens up to IA about his intimate relationship with water.  
ScoMo hits the ground running

ScoMo has hit the ground running in his pursuit of becoming an elected prime minister. Listen in ...  
The media still thinks I run the United Patriots Front

The mainstream media's lack of critical thinking when covering the topic, has helped the growth ...  
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