Donald Trump and the American Presidents

American scientists recently made a significant breakthrough enabling them to gather together all ...  
Two weeks with Donald Trump: At home and on tour

Jim McArdle looks back at a fun-filled two weeks with the Trump Family Travelling Clown Troupe.  
Scott Morrison (plus Van and Jim) on community radio

ScoMo's mission to sell his budget took him to many a place previously unknown, including commu ...  
Chill out: It's just James Ashby's 'innovative' One Nation merchandising

Jim Pembroke takes an amusing look at James Ashby's brainstorming ideas for 'innovative' One ...  
At home with ScoMo and Jen

Roving reporter Rocky Dabscheck takes an intimate look at domestic bliss with Federal Treasurer ...  
Pauline’s absolutely definitely non-Halal bed and breakfast

Rocky Dabscheck stumbles across Pauline Hanson’s bed and breakfast in his search for a Queens ...  
AFLWL W Awards

Rocky Dabscheck discovered a taped conversation between two leading football boffins attending the ...  
How Malcolm Trumpbull will make Australia great again

It has all become very clear. Inspired by Donald Trump, Malcolm Turnbull is on a mission to make ...  
WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Old Mad Donald had a plan

Donald Trump discusses his f**ken great plans for America.  
President Trumpet: Real news, not fake

David Meech reports all the real news – not fake news – about President Trumpet, some of which ...  
Stony Abbott spits the dummy: It's (still) my party and I'll cry if I want to!

Former Prime Minotaur Tony Abbott is throwing stones — and who can blame him?  
Presidents and prime ministers chat

Exclusive transcripts of two high powered conversations between U.S. and Australian leaders.  
The secret life of Malcolm Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull is a legend in his own mind, writes Jim Pembroke.  
Trump and Theresa: A love story

A fly on the wall at The Don's historic meeting with Prime Minister Theresa May.  
Barnaby Joyce: Pork-barrelling hoarder or mad doomsday prepper?

Are Barnaby Joyce's extravagant pork-barrelling and outrageous ravings signs of a zombie carp ...  

How the Trump inauguration should have gone down. A comic strip by Xavier Donovan.  
IA EXPLAINER: Passing the 'pub test'

What is the 'pub test' and who gets to decide whether someone passes it? Managing editor Dave ...  
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