The Liberal Love labyrinth

With his party's popularity in the doldrums, PM Morrison addresses the Liberal faithful and ...  
AUDIO: EXCLUSIVE — PM discusses 'Combatting Women’s Issues' on ‘The Sun Rises’

In an exclusive interview, Prime Minister Scott Morrespin discusses the latest Cabinet reshuffle ...  
Bloody Idiot of the Week — Episode 21: A couple of small pricks

This week, idiots aplenty are outdoing themselves over seriously big issues — things like ...  
The rape survival guide: Ten simple steps to dealing with sexual assault

Carla Bennett breaks down step-by-step the best way to survive a sexual assault and to prepare ...  
AUDIO: EXCLUSIVE — PM talks about serious allegations and pizza ovens on 'The Sun Rises'

The PM joins Samantha Armasuckup on The Sun Rises to discuss very serious allegations against a ...  
Scotty from Photo Ops: As a father

We go inside the Canberra bubble with Prime Minister Scotty from Photo Ops as a father – at home ...  
Twin threats of Mark Zuckerberg and Josh Frydenberg damaging Australia

The "SS Australian Society" just had two giant bergs rip into her fragile hull, the icy waters of ...  
Why our Liberal Party is so easily satirised

Satirist Rocky Dabscheck opens up to IA as to why he writes satire.  
Donald Trump's 'generous' letter to President Joe Biden revealed

In an act of unbridled generosity, very much in keeping with the tone of Trump's letter, President ...  
Bloody Idiot of the Week — Episode 20: QAnon revealed

Our idiot experts have certainly had their hands full with idiots this week!  
IA Special Podcasts: 'Seven Dollars Thirty' with Gorge Crispychickenson

ABC Seven Dollars Thirty’s political editor Tara Lingual interviews outspoken Trump supporter ...  
Scotty from Photo Ops enjoys some me time

Independent Australia is granted access to document Scotty Morrison taking time out from his ...  
AUDIO: New Year's Day message to the nation from the Morrespins (who are definitely not in Fiji)

EXCLUSIVE ZOOM INTERVIEW: Prime Minister Scott Morrespin and his wife Jennifer join Samantha ...  
#7 TOP IA STORY OF 2020: Drop Bears feared extinct due to Australian bushfires

Much fauna perished in the bushfires that stripped the nation early in the year — and the ...  
IA Talks: Exclusive interview with Scott Morrespin on 'The Sun Rises'

In an exclusive interview, Prime Minister Scott Morrespin joins Samantha Armasuckup on 'The Sun ...  
Bloody Idiot of the Week — Episode 19: Gold standard edition

Rolled gold standards abound in our final idiot edition for 2020.  
Scotty from Photo Ops finally runs out of photo ops

Prime Minister Scotty from Photo Ops discusses possible photo options with his trusty, personal ...  
Scott Morrison is not a prick

Many people seem to think Morrison is a good leader. Others think he is a prick. David Donovan and ...  
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