Peter Dutton's History of Australia

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton discusses his new book, 'Peter Dutton's History of Australia ...  
Why you should vote for ScoMo

ScoMo explains why he should be elected Australia's PM on 18 May, in this exclusive interview with ...  
Barnaby, the old man and the river

Barnaby Joyce opens up to IA about his intimate relationship with water.  
ScoMo hits the ground running

ScoMo has hit the ground running in his pursuit of becoming an elected prime minister. Listen in ...  
The media still thinks I run the United Patriots Front

The mainstream media's lack of critical thinking when covering the topic, has helped the growth ...  
Anning, Hanson and the law

Senator Fraser Anning defends a lawsuit filed by Senator Pauline Hanson alleging a breach of ...  
Joe Hockey and Mathias Cormann: What they really said

Independent Australia has finally received a transcript of Joe Hockey and Mathias Cormann's ...  
Tony Abbott and the cautious Caucus

Buoyed by recent House of Reps success added to their continuous run of good polls, the Shorten ...  
Fraser Anning admits to not having a clue

In this exclusive interview, Senator Anning opens up about some recent adventures to IA's Rocky ...  
ScoMo opens up to Jesus

ScoMo has opened up on his hopes and dreams for 2019 in a fair dinkum prayer-letter to the man ...  
#2 TOP IA STORY OF 2018:  The life of Barnaby

Happy New Year! 2018 may be over, but we still have to find out what was the most popular IA story ...  
ScoMo rallies the troops after #VictoriaVotes bloodbath

Listen in as ScoMo rallies the troops after the Victorian State Election annihilation.  
Leaked: Minutes of the Muppet Federal Executive meeting

IA has got its hands on a transcript of a Federal Liberal meeting that must be seen to be belie ...  
PM ScoMo says sorry

Prime Minister ScoMo calls an impromptu press conference and proves he is no John Howard.  
Malcolm and Lucy Turnbull do Manhattan in lycra

It is time we check on the wellbeing. of Malcolm Turnbull, who headed north to Manhattan after ...  
PM ScoMo says Hallelujah! in the Pentecostal tradition

ScoMo addresses the nation from the grounds of Parliament House, with his fellow Parliamentarians ...  
Australian Citizenship test revised

A new Prime Minister seems like a good time for a revised Australian citizenship test.  
Dear Scott, we have to talk about Peter

In a leak from the Sensible Centre, we know that Sensei Bill was tasked with providing advice to ...  
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