Fear and loathing in San Francisco: The public transport system

San Francisco's public transport is a perfect example of the failure of modern ...  
Imbalance, not addiction: Young adults and social media

Addiction, bullying, distraction — despite critiques, James Arfanis discusses the ...  
Think for Yourself: Wish shopping app

Have you ever seen those links to an absurdly cheap deal on social media? John ...  
Ron Tandberg: The death of a cartoonist

Tribute to acclaimed political cartoonist Ron Tandberg, who died this week.  
Malcolm Young: The show must go on

Malcolm Young, the legendary rhythm guitarist and one of the driving forces behind ...  
Fats Domino: I found my thrill

Seminal New Orleans rock and roller Fats Domino has died, aged 89.  
George Young: An Australian music legend

Australian music legend, George Young, has died at 70.  
Tom Petty: A free spirit

Legendary American musician Tom Petty has died of a heart attack, aged 66.  
Voluntary assisted dying: Solving the impossible trolley problem

Bills introduced to both NSW and Victorian state parliaments argue that voluntary ...  
Spasming vaginas, dark web news, erotic IQ? Melbourne, we have to talk!

Last week, Kerry Cue almost overdosed on Melbourne. You do need to be careful!  
Systemic failures lead to Aboriginal death in custody in NSW

The NSW Coroner finds systemic failures led to the suicide death of an Indigenous ...  
Walter Becker: A true artist

Influential jazz/rock musician Walter Becker has died of undisclosed causes, aged ...  
Review: ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck'

Brooke Murphy reviews ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck', a self-help book ...  
Photos and the digital dark age: We’re just not getting the picture

We should be printing those Instagram images to avoid losing them to the digital ...  
Did we kill Dr Yunupingu? Poor fellow my country

Dr Yunupingu did not need to die; he was killed by a system that abandoned him ...  
Drowning in White privilege

The First Nations community is both reeling and in mourning; Indigenous affairs ...  
Dr G Yunupingu: And now a deafening silence

Internationally acclaimed Indigenous musician Dr G Yunupingu has died at age 46 ...  
Anthony Foster: A colossus between sex abuse victims and the church

A farewell to the unwavering advocate for Catholic Church victims of child sex ...  
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