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Saying 'no' halts progress and kills hope

Opposing progress ensures that we stay stuck in the past, writes John Longhurst.  
Net migration set to hit record high levels in 2023

The Government must plan effectively and carry out immigration compliance activities going forw ...  

This poem is an *IA Writing Competition (fiction category) entry.  
Vale, Steve Harwell: A smashing, full throttle life

Steve Harwell, the incendiary lead singer of the American alternative rock band Smash Mouth, has ...  
POEM: Dead awake

This poem is an *IA Writing Competition (fiction category) entry.  
The voyage

This short story is an *IA Writing Competition (fiction category) entry.  
A first awakening

In order to better understand the plight of Australia's Indigenous peoples, one only needs to ...  
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Government seeking to address student visa rorting

In response to increasing student visa fraud, the Government is rolling out measures to stamp it ...  
Climate change is upon us and denial is impossible

The impacts of climate change are undeniable, writes John Longhurst.  
POEM: Philosophy

This poem is an *IA Writing Competition (fiction category) entry.  
Common kitchen chemistry and some honeycomb for dessert

Your kitchen a magical place of alchemy transforming raw elements into tempting foodstuffs through ...  
Searching for Rodriguez, the elusive Sugar Man

The passing of Rodriguez has once again brought the reclusive musician's name into the spotlight ...  
Albanese’s team making progress on Whitlam’s promise to women

The latest global report on the gender gap shows Australia reversing its recent sharp downward ...  
POEM: Dramas from Down Under

This poem is an *IA Writing Competition (fiction category) entry.  
Farewell, Randy Meisner — the reluctant rock star

Randy Meisner, a founding member of the quintessentially Californian supergroup, the Eagles, has ...  
Overcoming mental health challenges with self-compassion

Reflecting and giving affording yourself compassion is essential to managing your mental health ...  
Getting to know your oils

With so many different types of cooking oils on the market, it's hard to know the difference or ...  
Giving our regards to Tony Bennett, the king of self-belief

World-renowned pop and jazz crooner Tony Bennett recently passed away following a career spanning ...  
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