Barry Everingham
HISTORY books are littered with details of troglodytes who were so determined to wreck the democratic system they stopped at nothing to silence their critics.

The Tsars of Russia hated the Marxists so they tried to muzzle them - it didn't work.

Uncle Joe Stalin sent 20 million people to their deaths  -  it didn't work

Adolph Hitler exterminated three million Jews - they still exist.

Now along trots Tony Abbott - thug of the worst kind who will stop at nothing to muzzle his opponents.

Abbott tried to muzzle Simon Crean's address at today's Press Club lunch but obviously cooler heads prevailed and the lunch went ahead.

It's a measure of Abbott's instability that he even considered refusing Crean a pair.

Gillard's overseas itinerary may have to be curtailed - Abbott again.

Abbott is surrounded by crazy Right wing acolytes who urge him on.

Kevin Andrews, Julie Bishop, Cory Bernardi, the appalling Sophie Mirabella - just to name a few.

What those characters forget is that what Abbott is doing in un-Australian and the voters will remember this at the next election.

They also forget that rusted on ALP voters decided to give a Julia a kick in  the backside over the treatment of Rudd - they delivered and next time they'll go back to their political roots.

Abbott skates on very thin ice - he's proving he's unfit to lead this great country!  

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