Dyson Heydon, #BorderFarce and Captain Abbott's last days in the Lodge

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With the Dyson Heydon debacle and the Border Force farce, Team Australia Captain Tony Abbott can't take a trick these days and may only have weeks left in charge, writes senior correspondent Barry Everingham.

As one newspaper put it, Tony Abbott has about 19 days left in "The Lodge" — well, 19 days if the Canning by-election goes ape. If it does Abbotts many detractors will move against him.

Why they havent moved already is beyond belief.

He prevaricated for so long over the Bronwyn Bishop Choppergate fiasco, all the oxygen was sucked out of the government for several long weeks.

And during that interregnum, the Dyson Heydon outrage took on a track of its own, giving the union carte blanche to drop a bucket all over him. Heydon, a former high-flying legal academic and High Court judge who has led a politically motivated and disgracefully one-sided Royal Commission.

Yesterday, however, the dry, frosty conservative former judge decided that a fair-minded observer would not apprehend he had any bias whatsoever and so the show must go on. In his 67-page judgement, Heydon said it was "fanciful" to suggest he should read his emails and open attachments.

We haven't heard the end of all this. 

When the Senate resumes sitting, Abbott will need to get what's left of his mind around the Opposition's motion to ask the Governor General to withdraw Heydon's commission and shut down the Royal Commission.

As though all that isn't enough, Abbott's version of Dad's Army, under the command of Peter Dutton, decided to do a Hitler/type Pinochet attack on migrants strolling the streets of Melbourne, demanding anyone of non-Anglo Saxon appearance to immediately produce their visas!

Social media went viral and that cute move was called off.

Abbott was quick off the mark denying he knew anything about it and Dutton said his office was informed of the move but no-one had read the email. Then he said the office had read the email, which had been sent to his office twice, but not opened the attachments and certainly not informed him. Heard that one before?

Abbott was licking his lips when he was making his denial — a sure sign that he isn't being all that truthful.

Of course he knew!

Dutton, in a previous life, was a Queensland detective — sounds like there may be a story there lurking to see the light of day. Especially with Dutton's defensive and sour-tempered appearances in the media yesterday and this morning. In the space of 24 hours he has blamed the CFMEU, the ABC and Fairfax for the trouble he is in and called for Bill Shorten and Richard Marles to apologise for asking questions about Border Force's training.

This odd, brussel sprout of a minister is simply not up to scratch.

Right now, he is tying himself in knots trying to justify the millions of dollars he has paid the Cambodians to resettle four asylum seekers. As Cambodia is one of the most corrupt countries around. it would be fair to ask who got the millions.

Then along came Joe.

Abbott needs his treasurer like he needs a a hole in the head ... sorry, correction — another hole in the head.

Senator Arthur Sindodinis let the cat out the bag by demanding Abbott sack those who leaked that interesting piece of Prime Ministerial insanity so close to a by election.

Abbott can't take trick these days — the captain and his troops are fighting a losing battle.

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