CARTOONS: Mark David is watching the news

It might be a new year, but it's still the same old mainstream media bullsh*t!  
CARTOONS: 2022 all stitched up!

As we bolt the door on 2022, we look back at the year: one month, one hilarious Mark David cartoon ...  
CARTOONS: Santa's naughty list is looking longer this year

Former Liberal PMs who've been censured... Robodebt ratbags... far-Right Liberals and their cooker ...  
CARTOONS: A question for the man behind the many ministries

Can you play "Sorry seems to be the hardest word" on your ukulele?  
CARTOONS: The 'Danslide' is real

Real embarrassing for the media who put their money on the lobster guy.  
CARTOONS: Mainstream media makes the most of free speech

... to confuse, inflame, subvert and blame under the guise of "truth".  
CARTOONS: Mark David not gaga about MAGAGA

Rupert's put that idea in the bin, too.  
CARTOONS: Mark David is all about the details

Unfortunately, so are those identity thieves!  
CARTOONS: Libs enter Melbourne Cup with tired old favourite

"Flogging a Dead Horse" runs dead last... again.  
CARTOONS: Mark David is on a budget

So, he can't afford a fair go from Australia's mainstream media.  
CARTOONS: Labor is laughing!

How easy is your job when the opposition is content to be worst on ground continually?  
CARTOONS: Mark David dons the cloak of invisibility

ICAC correction... that should read "cloak of transparency".  
CARTOONS: Let it rip — the sequel

Because the first time around, ditching COVID-safe precautions worked so well.  
CARTOONS: Optus customers — dissatisfied much?

Yes... this latest stuff-up has completely hacked them off.  
CARTOONS: News Corp's nanny news move

Cancelling comics? Cancelling culture, more like!  
CARTOONS: More visual hi-jinx from Mark David

... lest we forget he who gave Hi-viz the royal treatment.  
CARTOONS: Peter's policy prognosis

They're definitely on the nose!  
CARTOONS: Daily Hate apologises for 'Dictator Dan' dumb headlines

Kidding! When did MSM ever let the truth get in the way of a good story?  

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