CARTOONS: Father Mark David meets the Muppets

Prime Minister Morrison is rapturous about the Muppet Show!  
CARTOON: President Pence

Neither of them are worth tuppence.  
CARTOON: The Mayor of San Juan

That "nasty" mayor!  
CARTOON: Trump tariffs

Seems legit!  
CARTOONS: Mark David hits a Reef

... but it's Turnbull's ship that's sinking fast.  
CARTOON: May the Space Force be with you

Ground Control to Major Trump.  
CARTOON: Attack dog

The old grey Mayor ain't what he used to be...  
CARTOON: Destroys everything in its path

Get out of the way, people!  
CARTOONS: Super Mark David Day

It's the best day of all!  
CARTOON: Doing it for the Gipper

Nancy would not be amused either...  
CARTOON: That-a-boy, Comrade

If only he'd play dead...  
CARTOONS: The bias of Mark David

Bloody lefties!  
CARTOON: Trump's bad news

Trump's good news is that the victims were only "fake news" reporters.  
CARTOON: Exceeding expectations

He has always been popular with the Alt-Right...  
CARTOONS: The ABC of Mark David

Mark David goes to a blue-tied brawl.  
CARTOON: The Northern Front

If only Trump was...  

That Trump is a cagey one...  
CARTOONS: Vote 1, Mark David!

Mark David takes another merry traipse around the Barnyard of Australian politics.  
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