CARTOONS: Mark David from marketing is redoing his resume

Best not to mention the side hustles — curry maker, welder, hairdresser, barramundi barbecuer ...  
CARTOONS: ScoMinister had to bag a few more ministries

Because, if you want something done, you've got to do it yourself, right?  
CARTOONS: John Pork-Barrel-aro is down in the dumps

Wonder if he can read the writing on the wall from down there?  
CARTOONS: Poll position  — Look's like Dutton's petering out!

Well, you can't polish a potato.  
CARTOONS: Scomotion detector shows no signs

Where the bloody hell are you, Scotty?  
CARTOONS: Mark David is far too funny

No awards for guessing who makes his job absurdly easy.  
CARTOONS: Wanted — Top job for John

And if it involves pork... all the better!  
CARTOONS: Coalition politicians clucking over climate change

Is that the sound of 'de-Nile' flooding in?  
CARTOONS: Mark David is 'bingle watching' again

Not actual car crashes — the carnage of current mainstream media reporting.  
CARTOONS: Dutton's armada

The looming-disaster-of-boat-arrivals idea that just won't float.  
CARTOONS: Dutton directing traffic

Someone needs to tell him he's not running the country.  
CARTOONS: Clean up on 'aisle Kirribilli'!

After that, move on to 'aisle Integrity' and then clean up 'aisle Economy'.  
CARTOONS: Dutton dressed as lamb

More media make-believe, but this is truly hard to swallow.  
CARTOONS: He's been given the Albo

Mainstream media journalists are signalling the end before our new PM has even begun.  
CARTOONS: Voting for the cream of the crop — a tip

Don't pick the turnip!  
CARTOONS: Mark David goes full retail

... paying out on politicians who put themselves in the poo!  
CARTOONS: Mark David's COVID contribution

"I don't hold a nose, mate."  
CARTOONS: Mark David's mic drop

'Liberal Party — who else can you trust to weld a curry?'  
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