Mueller, Trump and ex-Soviet money laundering

The current three-part ABC Four Corners series on President Donald J. Trump and his historical ...  
CARTOON: Iran deals

It's an art!  
CARTOONS: Malcolm's Budget trickles down

Yuck! I think I just stood in some of it.  
CARTOON: A well-regulated militia

Just what America needs!  
CARTOON: To a higher moral standard

Well, it couldn't be much lower...  
CARTOON: Best information

Apparently, they have information!  
CARTOON: One hot night in Paris

Trump leaving the planet would be a start...  
CARTOONS: Better politics

Crash through or crash. Probably crash.  
CARTOON: Cropping the blame

It's a fair crop...  
CARTOON: Trump Zucks

Once more unto the breach, dear fiends...  
CARTOON: The Hannity Rush

Otherwise known as the 'double bum Rush'.  
CARTOON: Stormy weather

Trump is often emphatic.  
CARTOONS: Dead to me

Peter Dutton loves potatoes, as long as they're white.  
CARTOON: Bolton nut job

Trump hires John Bolton — one of the geniuses behind the Iraq War.  
CARTOON: Working in the White House

It's all fun and games!  
CARTOONS: The grey area

Look at all the mud that's been slung into the slut shamer's grey area!  
CARTOON: The cowardly liar

Cue flying monkeys.  
CARTOON: Trump's guns

Seems legit.  
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