CARTOONS: Give Mark David an AO!

The pen is mightier, after all...  
CARTOONS: Mark David froths over fossil fuels

Love you long-time, Coal!  
CARTOONS: Trump's sickening swan song

'I did it myyyy way...'  
CARTOONS: Mark David puts the blowtorch to 2020

He's hot... red hot!  
CARTOONS: Mark David takes the 'f' word out for a spin

Fish fraud? FFS!  
CARTOONS: Trouble in China?

Move over... marketing genius coming through!  
CARTOONS: Mark David is up, up and away

... and he's taken the taxpayers' purse with him!  
CARTOONS: Mark David is staying put

Democracy... shamocracy!  
CARTOONS: Mark David's big face-off

He's not done yet!  
CARTOONS: Mark David wins hearts and minds

Why not claim an election too?  
CARTOONS: Mark David is telling tall tales

... sadly, he's not the only one.  
CARTOONS: Myth-busting Mark David

Covid killed the golden goose.  
CARTOONS: Mark David's media mantra

'Release the columnists from the basement!'  
CARTOONS: It's not a hoax, folks!

Mark David really is a "very stable genius".  
CARTOONS: Mark David and the coronavirus choir

The hits just keep on coming!  
CARTOONS: COVID numbers are adding up

Meanwhile, Victorians are counting down the days...  
CARTOONS: Mark David's Trumped-up truisms

Whatever will he say next?  
CARTOONS: Mark David masks his frustration

Meanwhile, Scotty from Marketing grows hot under the collar...  

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