CARTOONS: Mark David goes full retail

... paying out on politicians who put themselves in the poo!  
CARTOONS: Mark David's COVID contribution

"I don't hold a nose, mate."  
CARTOONS: Mark David's mic drop

'Liberal Party — who else can you trust to weld a curry?'  
CARTOONS: Blessed be those trained in empathy

For they shall not make unspeakable blunders...  
CARTOONS: Mark David is praying for a sign

... that Australians can spot a mainstream media beat-up when they see one.  
CARTOONS: Scotty's missiles are missing

Another political promise that has failed to launch.  
CARTOONS: Mark David is flooding the nation with advice

Suggesting renters buy a house — not once, but twice!  
CARTOONS: Mark David is defending the galaxy

Because securing Australia's place in the cosmos beats dealing with "illegal aliens".  
CARTOONS: Mark David loves a 'mock-tale'

But he must have been on the margaritas when he gave that Women's Network logo the tick!  
CARTOONS: Mark David is on stress leave

There's only so much disaster a man can mishandle leading up to an election.  
CARTOONS: Mark David is staying positive!

Meanwhile, his popularity is rapidly receding.  
CARTOONS: Mark David is in 'train-ing'

Sadly, he skipped the workshop on 'lockouts' vs 'strikes'.  
CARTOONS: 'Dirty deeds done dirt cheap...'

Maybe next, the PM could manage to mangle that on the ukulele?  
CARTOONS: Scomo addresses his sceptics

"I'm gonna wash those doubts right out of your hair!"  
CARTOONS: Fan mail or 'man fail'?

Only Gladys knows.  
CARTOONS: Mark David gives a fork

... he just doesn't give a RAT.  
CARTOONS:  Community immunity partygoers practise for Darwin Awards

Meanwhile, COVID wards show record numbers...  
CARTOONS: COVID testing is testing our patience

Can't find a RAT anywhere in Australia ... but we sure can smell one!  

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