CARTOONS: Peter Dutton shows his fun side

They do say that those who play the villain have the most fun!  
CARTOONS: We promise, it's only one page

Despite what the Opposition might have you think, 26 pages of cartoons would have Mark David ...  
CARTOONS: The devil demands details

Pete's preference for a plethora of pages might ruin his Referendum razing.  
CARTOONS: We're not sold on Dutton's campaign

Not even appearing on Kitchen Cabinet could spice up his cause.  
CARTOONS: Donald Trump's four play

While Donnie tries to keep his golf handicap low, his list of charges is way over par.  
CARTOONS: The slings and arrows of outrageous rate rises

The state of the economy is no laughing matter!  
CARTOONS: Dan defies while Dutton denies

No brainer vs no brain?  
CARTOONS: 'Robodenial!' — The new Coalition quiz show

Winner gets a trip to Hawaii and a busted ukulele.  
CARTOONS: Interest rate rises — it's just not cricket

If only we could stop the RBA's play due to 'bad light'!  
CARTOONS: Mark David is rolling in the deep

Meanwhile, Peter Dutton can't fathom the 'detail'.  
CARTOONS: Mark David is bringing down the house

Meanwhile, The Voice should be above politics.  
CARTOONS: All eyes are on the man with the chicken-tikka tan

And we think an orange jumpsuit would suit you right, Donald!  
CARTOONS: The RBA refuses to choke!

Meanwhile, interest rates are already too big to swallow.  
CARTOONS: Mr Opposition won't be babied into voting YES

He's a NO man, through and through.  
CARTOONS: Mark David is gambling with his popularity

... and he's not coming out a winner!  
CARTOONS: Biden gives Australia the elbow

Awkies for AUKUS.  
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