CARTOONS: The man with the silver spoon forks up his budget reply

Coz when the Libs were in power, they were all about helping single mums keep the lights on.  
CARTOONS: Pauline 'court' playing with words again

Meanwhile, Scomo stops speaking in tongues long enough to put his book out.  
CARTOONS: Mark David is fed up with spuds

Just not the kind you find in Woolies.  
CARTOONS: Bruce fought the law...

And the law aimed true.  
CARTOONS: Mark David's head is spinning

A little less Liberal with the nuclear Kool-Aid, maybe?  
CARTOONS:  Taxes, tolls and begging bowls

Mark David is on the money!  
CARTOONS: Rudd no bud of Donald Trump

Meanwhile, Dutton's mates are fear and hate!  
CARTOONS: Dutton gets his nuclear necktie in a knot

Political party meltdowns don't make you an expert on nuclear energy, Peter!  
CARTOONS: Polly Peter's in a pickle

No policies to pick from.  
CARTOONS: Trump tries to pull another swifty

Making America Gullible Again.  
CARTOONS: Dutton confuses cost-of-living crisis

... with Libs' crisis of not giving a toss.  
CARTOONS: Barnaby's on a roll

Protected species, much?  
CARTOONS: Mark David takes a hike

Meanwhile, the rich keep getting richer.  
CARTOONS: Morrison finally pressed the plunger

Pity that political bomb didn't go off a lot, lot sooner...  
CARTOONS: Mark David is learning his ABCs

Lesson one: Don't believe what Ita tells you to.  
CARTOONS: Beware the man with the chicken tikka tan!

Trumped-up Donald is making a mockery of democracy... again.  
CARTOONS: When is a fact not a fact?

... when it's a climate denialist's "opinion".  

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