CARTOON: Running the country

This is fine...  
CARTOONS: A happy new Mark David!

And a very merry Mark David, too.  
CARTOONS: Secret plane

A series of cartoons by Terry Wynne.  
CARTOON: Happy holidays!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Independent Australia!  
CARTOONS: Mark David — The COALition way

Speeding to oblivion.  
CARTOONS: Raking up the lies

Trump's on fire!  
CARTOONS: Mark David's big blue bus

It's the best way to fly!  
CARTOON: The caravan of terror

Grow your own dope, plant a Trump.  
CARTOON: Trump on ice

Well, Trump is polarising and hard to bear.  
CARTOONS: Mark David preaches the word of Scott

How about a hallelujah?!  
CARTOON: Putin's network

Look what those two are building together!  
CARTOON: Putin Driving Range

Trump enjoys driving, but he really loves Putin.  
CARTOON: Paul's pardon

Manafort has certainly caught Trump's attention!  
CARTOONS: Father Mark David meets the Muppets

Prime Minister Morrison is rapturous about the Muppet Show!  
CARTOON: President Pence

Neither of them are worth tuppence.  
CARTOON: The Mayor of San Juan

That "nasty" mayor!  
CARTOON: Trump tariffs

Seems legit!  
CARTOONS: Mark David hits a Reef

... but it's Turnbull's ship that's sinking fast.  
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