CARTOONS: Boosters in time for Xmas 2022! Ho! Ho! Ho!

FFS! Who told Santa it wasn't a race?  
CARTOONS: Mark David makes a good Father Christmas

A step up from beer-chugging, hard hat-wearing, coal-carrying, daggy dad!  
CARTOONS: Mark David goes to Bathurst

Because nothing says PR for PM like a televised sports race.  
CARTOONS: Omigod. Omicron!

OmicMarketing opportunity!  
CARTOONS: Mark David takes his message to the masses

"A man's word is only as good as my mainstream media mates say it is!"  
CARTOONS: Mark David is selling the truth

... along with some snake oil, two used cars and a genuine Fukurri rug.  
CARTOONS: Defamations R Us

A growth industry for Coalition MPs?  
CARTOONS: Mark David is COP-ping it in Glasgow

Both home and away, he's on the nose!  
CARTOONS: Scotty's Claytons climate plan

The plan you're having when you're not having a plan.  
CARTOONS: Mark David is checking the climate

Not much policy from the Coalition, just a lot of gas coming down the pipeline.  
CARTOONS: Old King Coal is changing his tune

Would that be the Scott-ish King of Coal or His Rupertness?  
CARTOONS: Mark David does a runner

Meanwhile, Scotty puts ICAC in the corner.  
CARTOONS: Mark David does diplomacy

How well? Ask China, France, Aussie women...  
CARTOONS: Mark David goes 'sub-terranean'

Meanwhile, Victorians are living on shaky ground.  
CARTOONS: Mark David leaves lockdown to the experts

OMG, Gladys! WTF?  
CARTOONS: Mark David is running his own race

Didn't get off to a good start... he shot himself in the foot.  
CARTOONS: Mark David is making promises

Because marketing never takes a holiday.  
CARTOONS: The four phases of Mark David

Funny. Very funny. Really, really funny. Too funny!  
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