The New Odyssey: The Story of Europe’s Refugee Crisis

Kevin Bain reviews Patrick Kingsley's new book on the European refugee odyssey — 'their despe ...  
Leaked transcripts reveal Trump's madness and Turnbull's coldness

Leaked records of Donald Trump's telephone conversation with Malcolm Turnbull reveal a dangerously ...  
Australia's treatment of asylum seekers: Never Walk Away

Ursula le Guin's powerful short story 'The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas' offers a powerful ...  
Can you pass the Straya citizenship test?

Minister for Immigration and Border Security Peter Dutton has unwittingly released to IA a copy of ...  
Mungo MacCallum: Dutton, citizenship and that pesky rule of law

It's not only the Labor Party who fails to see the logic in Generalissimo (in waiting) Peter ...  
ISIS in the Philippines and Australia's surrender of South East Asia

Australia’s interests are strongest in our region, so why do we prioritise the Middle East ...  
EXCLUSIVE: Heartless Peter Dutton terrorises 72 year-old community leader

Peter Dutton plans to send to almost certain death a critically ill 72 year-old who's lived in ...  
For Tony Abbott: A guide to generosity for the morally bankrupt

Sarah Smith considers Tony Abbott's proposition that Manus Island refugees have 'unfairly taken ...  
CARTOON: Dutton's lovely stuff

Peter Dutton has been given more powers over refugees.  
Open letter to everyone at the mercy of Peter Dutton and the Immigration Dept

To all the people with loved ones at the mercy of the Australian Department of Immigration and ...  
Advocacy with heads and hearts: Three recent refugee books reviewed

Kevin Bain reviews three new books about Australia and the world's intractable and contentious ...  
EXCLUSIVE: Manus MP Ron Knight predicted detention centre violence

Had warnings by a local MP been heeded, the Manus Island detention centre shootings may have been ...  
Reclaiming Australia's white supremacy

Bilal Cleland discusses Australia's violent, white supremacist history and asks if this Australia ...  
ANZAC Day, Yassmin and Australia's rising xenophobia: Who we are?

Australia’s current moves towards more isolationism and greater nationalism is both untenable ...  
Anzac Day: Lest we remember

Lest we forget is the defining phrase of ANZAC Day and yet the Day itself is about forgetting.  
Australian values and the deceitful dogwhistling of Peter Dutton

Apparently, it is Australian values to blatantly lie and incite hatred towards asylum seekers.  
Malcolm Turnbull tries to deal Afghan Hazara refugees back to danger

Sending Hazara refugees back to Afghanistan is a very bad idea, writes Dr Binoy Kampmark.  
#FreeSaeed: 'I am a human being too'

There are no cute baby photos of Saeed, but still he shouldn't be deported into danger  
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