The banality of Peter: Is Dutton the new Adolf Eichmann?

A comparative study of two notoriously zealous immigration specialists.  
Assaulted by Hells Angels in Villawood: Asylum seeker speaks out

An asylum seeker seriously assaulted in detention speaks out, writes Shira Sebban.  
Top class! Free speech is a fundamental right ... but only for the ruling Right

Any debate about free speech in our society is really about free speech for the ruling class.  
Harmony Day: 'Are you mixed?'

In the cultural melting pot that is Australia, we are almost all, to some extent, 'mixed' — ...  
EXCLUSIVE: Fate of Vietnamese asylum seeker children hangs in the balance

A group of Vietnamese asylum seekers, including 12 children, have tried to reach Australia by boat ...  
EXCLUSIVE : Trump has no intention of allowing Aus refugees settle in U.S.

Australia’s grubby asylum seeker deal with the U.S. is now looking even more tawdry.  
EXCLUSIVE: RAC condemns Turnbull's Trump #MuslimBan 'complicity'

The RAC has denounced Donald Trump’s U.S. Muslim ban — unlike our weak PM and his cabinet.  
Losing the hijab to become a local

Lizzy Keen talks to a young Afghan Muslim woman who gave up wearing a hijab in an effort to ...  
The day of reckoning for the Children of Despair

This week has shown that the Australian public don't care about immigrant children being abused in ...  
The medal tally and needy Australia

The media is awash with despair about Australia's medal tally at the Olympics. Dave Donovan says ...  
Krugers, Bolts and glass houses

Esteemed sociological anthropologist and social media commentator, Norm Francis, discusses the ...  
Sonia Kruger's comments are racist: Her soapbox should come down

It's time we labelled the unjustified, destructive comments of Sonia Kruger, Pauline Hanson and ...  
Freedom of speech according to Kruger and Hanson: Racism by any other name

Craig Thomson discusses Australia's ugly immigration policies – past and present – and ...  
Dutton, Payne and Pezzullo: The truth about Australia’s militarised border

Michael Pezzullo denies it but Australia's xenophobia and extravagant security spending have ...  
Asylum seekers: Victims of Australia's selfishness

Our bipartisan asylum seeker policy reveals Australia to be a corrupt country — morally, ethi ...  
How to make Dutton just a bad memory

Even if Australia can't change the Government on 2 July, it is imperative it rids itself of its ...  
Review: Klaus Neumann's 'Across the Seas: Australia's Response to Refugees  – A History'

On the eve of Palm Sunday, refugee advocate Kevin Bain reviews Klaus Neumann's 'Across the Seas ...  
Gay liberation, refugees and the hypocrisy of Turnbull and Shorten

Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten both turned up at the Sydney Mardi Gras apparently to promote ...  
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