Malcolm Thomas Brough: Born 1961. Sacked 2016

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The rat’s nest that is the Queensland LNP has decided Mal Brough does not meet its high standards and has sacked him.

Brough is not a man to quit voluntarily.

The Queensland LNP State Executive, the people who bought you Campbell Newman, called Mal in to tell him the bad news. Mal probably gasped, pointing out he still had overwhelming support from the branches. But no dice. He had to go.

There are serious Ashbygate problems coming down the pipeline for the LNP and Mal is the weakest link. The diary thing is a mere sideline, an MSM obsession.

The fact is Mal and several other LNP/Liberal members were up to their necks in a plot to abuse the Federal Court to subvert to Australian democratic system.

And it succeeded. Abbott won on the back of the lurid tabloid headlines.

So now the LNP are in power. Sort of. Disarray is another word.

Brough was no more than a puppet in the Ashbygate plot — a plot activated the minute Slipper stepped onto the square known as queens’ pawn 3.

Brough was, as they say, aided and abetted.

Not by just Roy and Pyne, it went much higher than that.  It went into places of secrecy, into political backrooms, into the depths of the Liberal party, into its dark places.

Turnbull came late to this fiasco and is completely blindsided. He’d previously been well mushroomed because he is an idiot savant with a big mouth; now he’s flailing in a sea of ignorance. He has no idea what is happening or where he is vulnerable.

The AFP does not do things lightly. They certainly do not search the Special Minister of State’s residence just for a laugh.

My sources tell me the AFP is acting on a complaint made by the Federal Court that, at the least, Brough, in collusion with Ashby and Harmers Workplace Lawyers, set out to to subvert the court process.

How Harmers has gotten away with its patently false claims in the Originating Document beggars belief. They said they had a sworn, detailed affidavit of Slipper romping indecently with another male when they simply did not. It was total bullshit, but included the precise details of a lurid sick mind.

And now the voters of Fisher will soon have the chance to vote in another dropkick.

Every two-bit parvenu in the LNP will be climbing over the warm body of Brough, including Mark McArdle (Ashby’s confidante) and Jarrod Bleijie (Brough's confidante and failed Newman minister), plus several others with their eyes on the lucrative LNP tenure that is Fisher. Unless you fuck it up.

The AFP warrants were carefully worded so they could grab every document they could. Mal, in his role as a dipstick go-between, will be named in many of these. He had to be sidelined so the party could attempt to pretend it had nothing to do with it

The problem is: the AFP don’t take out their Glocks unless they intend to use them.

Ross Jones is the author of 'Ashbygate: The Plot to Destroy Australia's Speaker'. Find out more about the 'Ashbygate' book HERE.

You can follow Ross on Twitter @RPZJones.

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