The Ashbygate puppets

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Let’s get serious, says Ross Jones, the people set to swing for Ashbygate ‒ Ashby, Brough and Doane ‒ were mere puppets; it is the shadowy cabal behind them that need and deserve to be exposed.

THANK YOU for reading. What follows is pure supposition, but I am sure it is right. This piece is from the heart.

Not facts; osmosis, if you will; the timeline framework so succinctly laid out by Mr O’Grady allows the luxury of absorbing the ephemera and provides a place to hang the various seemingly unrelated bits.

And to me all those bits add up to say a determined attempt was made to destroy Peter Slipper as a man. Break him. Once he’d topped himself, they win.

While we’re all taken by the minutae of what has now been proven to be a conspiracy, it’s going to be nigh on impossible, even for the AFP, to prove anything apart from a few minor matters against minor players like Brough, Doane and Ashby. Puppets.

These guys, whether they like it or not, are going to be left swinging in the wind. Pissants, minor players, two-bit. Toodle-oo.

Let’s get serious. Why would McArdle and Brough suddenly be on the same side just after indulging in a full-on shit-fight about the worth or otherwise of the QLD Liberal/National merger? (Brough lost).

Well, because there is an element (a cabal?) above these two nobodies. This lot saw the moment was there for the seizing.

Manipulate Brough (easy), dangle prizes in front of Doane (easier) and convince Ashby he is the man he thinks he is and; voilà! LNP balance of power.

The cabal organised Harmer, the cabal organised Ashby’s segue into Slipper’s office, the cabal said when it was time to pull the trigger.

If things had gone according to plan, Slipper’s wife gets the hump and leaves, he’s devastated, grabs a bottle of scotch on a Comcar account and goes for a long swim.

Yay! Showy funeral, much sadness. Election.

They picked the wrong man. In fact, the basic mistake was that they picked a man. Not a goose.

This is a guy who’s weathered all the crap the Sunshine Coast Daily and their white-shoe acolytes have thrown at him over the past decade, and has shown, especially over the last year, and with grace and charm, that he won’t just die.

And the cabal? Sounds like a scene from The Simpsons’ stonecutter episode, but there’s no jokes and no songs. And fewer stonecutters.

Ok, so following the logic of pure fantasy, who could possibly be part of such a cabal?

Sorry, can’t go there. Not enough evidence. No documents I can get my hands on, anyway.

If, however, you’re reading this and think, “maybe I do have document or two that could shed further light on this matter”, then pop off to the post office so there are no tell-tale stamps and fax them to the number in my bio.

If I’m right, the people in this cabal deserve nothing but your absolute contempt.

You owe it to yourself to bring them into the light.

Check out IA’s full Ashbygate investigation by clicking on the image below:

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