CARTOONS: Mark David's Sorry-not-sorry Vaccination Tour

... it's been cancelled due to lockdown.  
CARTOONS: Mark David claims the credit

He's putting out pandemic-problem fires without holding a hose!  
CARTOONS: Scotty's Pfizer fizzer

How good is Australia's vaccine stroll-out?  
CARTOONS: Sex scandals, sports rorts and more pork on your federal fork!

New Liberal Party election slogan??  
CARTOONS: Mark David's shiny, shiny standard

Shame it's made of fool's gold.  
CARTOONS: Backbench begone! Barnaby's back in!

So why aren't we all jumping for joy-ce?  
CARTOONS: Mark David under-promises at G7

... but he over-delivers for the Queen.  
CARTOONS: HMAS Hotel Quarantine in distress

'Mayday! HQ sinking. Captain insists we're 99.9 per cent above water.'  
CARTOONS: Mark David is a 'jack' of all trades

A pity he 'scott' no talent for running a country.  
CARTOONS: Mark David casts a big shadow

He promised Australia the moon... and we've been 'mooned' all right!  
CARTOONS: Mark David promises to shout the next round

Now? November? Try Never-uary!  
CARTOONS: Mark David announces he's Mark David

Women and children of the nation hold their applause.  
CARTOONS: Mark David is never, ever to blame

Responsibility? How good is outsourcing?!!  
CARTOONS: Mark David is laying it on thick

The hands, the promises, the excuses...  
CARTOONS: The low-down on Mark David's expenditure

He's flying high!  
CARTOONS: Mark David's reshuffle is fuelling speculation

Meanwhile, his rollout is running on empty...  
CARTOONS: The Libs need a new bucket

Theirs is leaking scandals and overflowing with lame excuses.  
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