Wikileaks and fatuous claptrap

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If David Flint is really serious about maintaining our outdated links with the British/German monarchy he should stop his rambling fatuous last century claptrap. Barry Everingham writes.

TAKE today’s nonsense about WikiLeaks on his and Tom Flynn’s personal website (www norepublic.com.au) where he incredibly suggests that Julia Gillard with the assistance of Tony Abbott (Flint refers to the Mad Monk as The Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition!) should lean on Obama and possibly David Cameron to seek injunctions stopping further material being published.

Now I don’t claim  to know Gillard but I’d bet my bottom dollar she’s be out on her ear if she ever came up with that one and even if she did, why would she seek the advice of the Monk – who lately has been communicating with thought bubbles and he’s been “thinking” – one of the most dangerous neighborhoods for him to visit.

(The Monk underscored his state of mind when he delivered the Neville Bonner Oration to the Flat Earthers and the North Shore blue rinse set, calling his offering 'The Heart Has its reasons', which was the title of the Duchess of Windsor’s autobiography. Imagine how that went down at the Palace!)

Richard Woolcott

An alternative opinion to Flint’s came today from Australia’s most distinguished  diplomat, Richard Woolcott who served this country magnificently here and overseas for several decades.

In an interview he gave me for Crikey, Woolcott said in the main the information leaking currently is pure gossip known to most people anyway. He said the only information concerning military movements or endangering life should never be published. He said most of the material has opened up public discussion and that was a good thing.

Commenting on Sarah Palin’s call for Julian Assage to be hunted like a terrorist was “laughable”.

He said Barak Obama must he hoping the Alaskan moose huntress would get Republican nomination for the Presidency.

“It would ensure him another four years in the White House,” Woolcott said.  
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