Australian politics due for an overhaul

The Australian two-party political system needs major reform in order for us to progress towards ...  
Reserve Bank will give us change for $5

The Reserve Bank of Australia has decided not to replace Queen Elizabeth II’s portrait on the ...  
Poll suggests English tabloid readers believe sending King Charles to Australia a good idea

A new UK poll has discovered a visit from King Charles III to a colonial outpost might just be ...  
Voice to Parliament valuable first step towards a republic

While enacting an Indigenous Voice to Parliament is crucial, a broader discussion must also take ...  
Voice referendum: The devil is in the lack of detail

Leaving the establishment of an Indigenous Voice to Parliament to a referendum without a clearly ...  
Constitutional change requires a courageous strategy

Constitutional change is possible and a proposal should be given to the Albanese Government on how ...  
An Australian republic should start with a new Constitution

The Australian Constitution is an archaic document that doesn't reflect the values of contemporary ...  
Craig Foster succeeds Peter FitzSimons as Republic Movement head

Human rights and anti-racism activist, former Socceroo Craig Foster AM, has been elected to lead ...  
A reign that just won't end

Bazza joined the lament about the rain with the older blokes gathered around the bar.  
Let's start talking about a republic

Nothing should stall debate on a republic in the lead-up to a possible referendum in the next term ...  
Why the English Monarchy has no place in Australia

The British Monarchy offers nothing of value to Australia, its citizens and especially its Indi ...  
The Crown, the Australian Republic and the Traditional Owners: FLASHBACK 2016

After the passing of Queen Elizabeth, there has been much discussion about Australia moving ...  
Queen's birthday absurdity demonstrates denial of choice

After a public holiday for the former Queen Elizabeth II to mourn her death, yesterday was another ...  
A conversation between a monarchist and republican on the Queen

The Queen's legacy is complex, John Longhurst writes.  
The pros and cons of an Australian president

While much has been discussed about electing an Australian president, more consideration is ...  
Monarchy holding Australia back from its true potential

Britain's Monarchy is holding Australia back from reaching its full potential as a progressive ...  
Royal glamour holding Australia back from becoming a republic

The romanticism and dazzle of royal pageantry are keeping Australia from becoming a republic.  
Australia the royal doormat: Time to give the Palace the boot

Albanese and Dutton could cooperate to remove King Charles as our head of state in favour of a ...  
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