Rare gems like Mark Colvin and the future of the fourth and fifth estates

The future of journalism and democracy lies in news and analysis that reflects the interests of ...  
Nimbin MardiGrass, cannabis law reform and political malaise

As the smoke clears from Nimbin MardiGrass, Dr Samuel Douglas examines the politics behind cann ...  
Power in Australia: The rich rule and the poor can help themselves

The wealthy and well-connected always have much more scope to exert influence in our society.  
Fourteen reasons why: The system's role in suicide

Shouldn’t the system take at least some of the responsibility for suicide?  
Politicians and their 'Australian values'

Our politicians may say they hold ‘"Aussie values", but their actions tell a different story.  
Fake news, politics and what we think we know

Why are dangerous politicians like Trump, Putin and Pauline Hanson supported by millions of ...  
Understanding Orwell: His teachings in a time of extremes

The renewed embrace of George Orwell by the media and politicians reveals a deep misunderstanding ...  
Channeling love instead of fear

The antidote against politicians peddling hatred and fear is to listen with tolerance, respect and ...  
The great economic divide explained

Colin Cook discusses the failures of our economic system and why the gap between the "haves" ...  
Devil take the hindmost! Inside the IPA and Leyonhjelm's Libertarians

It's give that man a cigar, pass along the joint and to hell with the sniffer dogs, as Ross Jones ...  
Liberal attacks on Medicare are anything but Christian

With so many vulnerable Australians relying on quality public health care, a government claiming ...  
Sam Harris takes Noam Chomsky to task for equating Western crimes with 9/11

Sam Harris, author of best-seller The End of Faith, took Noam Chomsky to task for equating Western ...  
Militant suffragettes: Morally justified, or just terrorists?

Following the release of the film, Suffragette, La Trobe University's Janna Thompson asks whether ...  
Boycotting Sam Harris's ads: Atheist freedom of speech vs. religious censorship

To promote "controversial" atheist Sam Harris's upcoming Australian tour, a series of billboards ...  
Free speech vs Hateful speech: Striking the right balance

Freedom of speech is central to liberal democracy, but it does not extend to the right to under ...  
Abbott's expense inquiry looks to double down on Bishop Choppergate style rorts

PM Tony Abbott has set up an inquiry that looks to legitimise publicly funded jaunts to party ...  
Australian Skeptics Convention, 2014: Highlights

Entertainment editor John Turnbull casts a critical eye over the recent Australian Skeptics ...  
Open Letter to Antony Loewenstein from the women he disappeared

Progressive journalist Antony Loewenstein believes liberal feminism has let women down. Gaye ...  
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