Why we've become 'black widows' in the web of life

Only universal access to education will combat the ignorance that exposes the Earth to evolution's ...  
Environmental balance: It's possible with the gift of AI

Judging by the extent of environmental destabilisation over the last century, Earth's productivity ...  
An artificially intelligent solution to restoring civilisation

Humanity needs the help of artificial intelligence to restore the environmental balances that ...  
POEM: Philosophy

This poem is an *IA Writing Competition (fiction category) entry.  
Agape: Love in action

This short story is an *IA Writing Competition (fiction category) entry.  
Courts set to grapple with 'defamation by AI chatbots'

Pursuing legal redress for defamation by AI chatbots like ChatGPT will likely prove fraught ...  
If you think you're smarter than your future phone, think again

Our current highly technically-dominated world is composed almost exclusively of technology ...  
Insiders and outsiders: The dispute at the heart of Australian politics

Political philosopher Tim Dunlop's new book encourages electoral change beyond two-party politics ...  
Trump or Rushdie, it's the debate of ideas that matters

Whether misguided Trump supporters, Salman Rushdie, or the 'belligerati', we must be willing to ...  
Democracy is failing to tackle the climate crisis

The structures of democracy must change in order for the world to overcome crises such as climate ...  
Djokovic treatment 'drop in the ocean' compared to suffering of refugees

The recent detention of Novak Djokovic in Park Hotel in Melbourne has exposed one of our dirtiest ...  
University of Sydney plans to cut courses, threatening education standards

Teaching standards are under threat at the University of Sydney, writes Dr Daniel Gregory.  
How we are trying to buy an identity in capitalist economies

Trade deals are not really about trade.  
Trump and terrorism: The predictable link

Pundits and politicians today are being accused of stochastic terrorism. The most obvious exam ...  
Why we published Morrison's speech to the Christian Churches conference

Imagine if the Prime Minister was a hardline atheist giving speeches about political matters at ...  
Morrison wrong on presumption of innocence

The principle of the presumption of innocence has been weaponised to protect Christian Porter's ...  
Power can be taken back by exposing our oppressors

We should examine the oppressor, not the oppressed, otherwise all hope is lost.  
The Coalition Government's deficit of trust

Scott Morrison's Government has weakened our faith in democracy and democratic institutions ...  
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