Australia's vicious constitutional cycle needs to be broken

The results of the Voice Referendum serve as a reminder that Australia's Constitution is archaic ...  
Australian colonialism bares its fangs

The result of the Voice Referendum highlights the work needed to eradicate racism and ignorance ...  
Sexy new Threads or daggy dad pants: Here's Zuckerberg’s latest distraction

For all its intended good, social media has become less of a place for healthy, online debate and ...  
Central 'No' campaign lobby hiding behind wall of lies

The central and by far most powerful and influential “No” campaign lobby is a sham.  
Referendum silences First Australians

Unlike elections, the thing about referendums is that there really is no hiding the truth.  
As challenges mount, so does criticism of Albanese

Criticism of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is growing as the Labor Government contends with some ...  
Fear and ignorance saw demise of Voice Referendum

As many feel the hurt from the rejection of the Voice to Parliament, one writer examines the ...  
Dutton's fear train to the Lodge

Mark David tells it like it is.   
Voice Referendum promoting goodwill and a fair go

While the 'No' campaign relies on disinformation to push its agenda, many in the 'Yes' camp ...  
If the Voice Referendum fails, it will be Pyrrhic victory for Dutton

If the polls are correct, Liberal Leader Peter Dutton will achieve a Pyrrhic victory, having not ...  
Cookers stir the crock to stop Australia voting 'Yes'

You may think us overly optimistic or even naive, but IA is choosing to remain positive about the ...  
Members Exclusive
EDITORIAL: Cookers stir the crock to stop Australia voting 'Yes'

You may think us overly optimistic or even naive, but IA is choosing to remain positive about the ...  
'Yes' campaign can change its fate

The last push for the “Yes” campaign can turn around the polling if it changes its tactics.  
Voice Referendum: What you should do if you don't know

With so many Australians still undecided and falling for misinformation, it's an important time to ...  
Atlas Network's fossil-fuelled campaign against the Voice

The campaign against the Voice to Parliament has ties with companies that have long been misinf ...  
Referendum’s clear choices on the way Australia should go

The Voice Referendum presents voters with many dilemmas, including, for “Yes” voters after a ...  
The days of D-Notices are not done

The attempt by Mike Pezzullo to reintroduce Defence Notices is a concerning act of trying to ...  
Crackdown on News Corp urgently needed to save our democracy

With its misinformation and mistruths, News Corp has a stranglehold on Australian democracy that ...  
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