Peter Dutton goes from bad to worse with new Port Arthur low

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton has garnered headlines again this week for all the wrong reasons ...  
Where 'wisdom' reigns: Rethinking the right to vote

Politics may be better served if a criterion of 'wisdom' is imposed to render electors eligible ...  
Two-party system draws democratic disadvantage

It's time we address the disadvantages of our two-party system and speak up for electoral refor ...  
Tasmanian Election result a challenge to improve democracy

Results from the Tasmanian State Election could start a shift in political thinking away from the ...  
Trump & Orbán: The deceptive allure of strong men in power

Donald Trump's recent meeting with Hungarian President Viktor Orbán has reinforced the need for ...  
Opposition under pressure as Parliament returns

The Federal Parliament returns next week, the first sitting following Labor’s win in the Dunkley ...  
Transparency in limbo as MP expense data held from public

A botched system upgrade has created a backlog of parliamentary expense claims that won't be made ...  
Nervous wait for Assange to forestall U.S. extradition

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange awaits permission to appeal against extradition to the U.S., the ...  
Let's be clear: Australia is not immune to ‘democratic backsliding’

It is increasingly clear that we cannot take democracy for granted.  
Parliament votes in favour of bringing Assange home

In a historic vote, parliamentarians have shown unprecedented support for the return home of ...  
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2024: A year when Trump (and others) will test the resilience of global democracy

With more people heading to the polls in 2024 than any year before, elections in the world’s ...  
Cannibalism, conservatives and lies: Australia’s Nemesis story

A new ABC documentary series explores the turmoil and political cannibalism within the L-NP ...  
Most Australians in favour of neutrality

Recent polls have demonstrated Australia's desire to break our toxic alliance with the U.S. and ...  
How Howard weaponised Australia Day

Australia Day 2024 sees a nation more divided than ever as the Opposition continues to fan the ...  
As supermarket woke war escalates, no solace found in Captain Cook's feet

I peered into the hollow holes of Captain James Cook’s sawn-off feet holes but I couldn’t see ...  
Australians still hooked on Facebook despite repeated misdeeds

What would it take for 18 million Australians to stop using Facebook and Instagram?  
Wagyu beef all the way as Gina fuels Ashby's election bid

The grift party might just have hit a rich new vein.  
Shadow of Assange looms over persecutors

As the day of his extradition draws near, the spectre of Julian Assange looms ever larger over the ...  
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