Radio shock jock and the hysterical woman

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Musician/songwriter and well known front person for ‘Rocky and The Two Bob Millionaires’, Rocky Dabscheck tunes in to Radio Shock Jock's interview with a "hysterical" Vanessa.


R.S.J. … Well that was Billy Crystal. What a gentleman. If I had to sum him up in one word: hysterical.

Back in a minute.


R.S.J. Saw the new Will Farrell and Steve Carell movie. Hysterical. Those dudes are so good.

Looking forward to the upcoming Hamish and Andy TV series. Love those guys. Always entertaining. Always hysterical.

Back after this break to talk TV with our entertainment guru Richard Wilko.


R.S.J. Well Wilko, what do you have for us?


WILKO ... A great new take, yet again, on Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. Wonderful scripting.


R.S.J. ... Oh really? Can you give an example?


WILKO. Here’s one. In the first episode Holmes and Watson, in an open field, are laying in their sleeping bags looking up at the stars and Holmes asks Watson what seeing the stars says to him. Watson replies:

“The infinity of space. The insignificance of each individual. The natural wonder of life. The beauty of each star. The weaving systems and patterns that contain each life. What does it say to you Holmes?”

“That someone has stolen our tent, Watson.”


R.S.J. Hysterical. Love it. Look forward to it. Thanks Wilko. Same time next week. After the break, social media commentator Vanessa Jones.



R.S.J. Welcome Vanessa. How are you?


VANESSA Not great. Lots of negative things happening around the world.


R.S.J. No need to get all hysterical on me. VANESSA Me?! Hysterical?!


R.S.J. Yes. You. Hysterical.




R.S.J. ... Yes. I can’t stand it when people are hysterical. I’m cutting this interview now.



Rocky Dabscheck is a musician and author of Stoney Broke and The Hi-Spenders.

Rocky Dabscheck on the Shtick talking about his new book Stoney Broke & The Hi-Spenders.

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