Ban 'rapper-type music' — actually, ban everything

A recent statement from NSW Police declaring a ban on 'rapper-type music' at the Sydney Royal ...  
Times are tough for the average Australian

Rising interest rates are hitting ordinary Australians where it hurts.  
Poll suggests English tabloid readers believe sending King Charles to Australia a good idea

A new UK poll has discovered a visit from King Charles III to a colonial outpost might just be ...  
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AUDIO EXCLUSIVE: Peter 'PeDon' Dutton speaks to IA

Michelle Pini spoke to Federal Opposition Leader, former Queensland drug cop and international ...  
It’s beginning to look a lot like rictus ─ for Dutton’s Coalition

After another stellar year, only slightly blighted by losing Government, Independent Australia ...  
Scott Morrison's 'hire' calling

Scott Morrison holds a press conference to quell rumours relating to his future plans.  
Bloody Idiot of the Week — Episode 28: Get used to it

This world is rife with idiots of all genders, but one Guy, in particular, was a prime contender ...  
Ministries, makeovers and missing Scotty from Marketing

Bazza makes a shock announcement involving ScoMo during a catch-up with Mick over a few quiet ...  
A reign that just won't end

Bazza joined the lament about the rain with the older blokes gathered around the bar.  
'Wonder reef II' to be built by V8 Supercars engineers on Surfers Paradise

Construction has begun on Wonder Reef II, on the primary sand dunes at Narrowneck.  
Cutting costs in a sky-high economy

As inflation hits us all, Mick explains to Bazza how to cut costs over a few expensive beers.  
Scott Morrison clarifies his power grab for Jen

After hearing of hubby Scott Morrison’s habit of taking on other ministries, Jen confronts Scott ...  
Plenty of Coalition politicians still to satirise despite election wipeout

To say the political class presents with bountiful fodder for the satirical pen is akin to ...  
FLASHBACK 2016: Stop picking on Dutton — for Pete's sake

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton didn't fare well in the latest Newspoll, with PM Albanese winning a ...  
FLASHBACK 2021: ‘The Sun Rises’ interviews Mr Barilaro, Mr John Barilaro

Former Deputy Premier John Barilaro can now add allegations of assaulting the press to his list of ...  
'Not in my backyard': Sale of tacos under-regulated in the U.S.

Once again, America, Mexicans have wandered about the streets thinking that they can simply go ...  
Ahead of leaders' debate, Morrison devises his own Q&A

Following the controversy over his use of the word “blessed’, Prime Minister Morrison has ...  
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