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Sorry he got caught out (Meme via ChristineEwing7)

February 13, Sorry Day, has just come and passed once again. As a tribute, Rocky Dabscheck remembers the many Australian politicians who have said sorry, for many different reasons and in more ways than one.

Here are a few examples, some better known than others, of our politicians doing the "mea culpa" over the years.

In no particular order.

13 February 2008

KEVIN RUDD: [In Parliament] To our First Nation People we say sorry.

3 April 2009

KEVIN RUDD: To the air hostess I say sorry... but, to be fair, I was ratfuck hungry.

30 July 2015

BRONWYN BISHOP:Sorry about the helicopter episode.

14 August 2015  

BRONWYN BISHOP: Sorry for being late. Had to come by car. Since Abbott made me apologise over that helicopter saga, I’ve been told I have to pay for any helicopter trips from now on out of my own pocket. Forget it. How dare they do that to me. Just as well I had a few old cab vouchers up my sleeve.

JOHN HOWARD: I don’t say sorry.

JIM MOLAN: Me neither!

20 February 1942

ROBERT MENZIES: Sorry. I had no idea the Japanese would send our pig iron back to us like that.

27 June 1987

BILLY SNEDDEN: To my wife I say sorry.

21 December 1991

BOB HAWKE: I’m sorry for all those dry years without booze. I can finally get a skinfull again. Hallelujah.

10 October 2004

MARK LATHAM: Sorry for shaking Howard’s hand. I should have done to him what I did to that cab driver.

16 November 2017

CHRISTOPHER PYNE: Sorry for that late night tweet. Wasn’t me. I was asleep at the time. In fact, I remember I was counting submarines to help me fall asleep. One submarine. Two submarines. I know there are cliched stories about sailors, but seriously, it’s obvious this old hack got hacked, probably because I voted "Yes".

JOHN HOWARD: I don’t say sorry.

JIM MOLAN: I don’t either.

16 January 2017

JULIE BISHOP: To all my dear friends at the Portsea Polo Day, I say sorry for my non appearance. For all the pain and suffering I have caused you – and me – I say sorry.

I promise never again will you, or I, suffer such an indignity. I am so sorry.

13 February 2008

JULIA GILLARD: To all people who saw me in camera shot, sitting behind Kevin Rudd as he addressed our nation, I say sorry for my awful hair cut. What was I thinking? I look like I am auditioning for a gig in a Devo tribute band. Tim will be in trouble when I get home. The style was his doing. Kevin may have thought I was trying to upstage him. I’d never do something like that.

13 January 2018

DAVID FEENEY: To my electorate, my party, and my leader Bill Shorten, I say sorry for my recent stuff up.

I also say sorry for my stuff up in 2016, when I forgot all about my house in Northcote. Fuck it. I’ve just remembered. I buried the papers from the British High Commission acknowledging my renunciation of British citizenship in a tin container in the backyard of that place. Fuck! Oh well, it’s too late now. If only I’d remembered earlier.

20 October 2015

TONY ABBOTTSorry about breaking that table in my office, but I’m sure you can all understand how tired and emotional I was at the time.

15 November 2017

ABBOTT : This country owes me one fucking big sorry. Voting yes. Disgracefull.

JOHN HOWARD: I never say sorry.

JIM MOLAN: Nor me.

5 August 2016

SAM DASTYARI: Sorry if I “misspoke’ about the South China Seas and China’s stance. Really, really sorry.

11 December 2017

SAM DASTYARI: Me again. To show you I really really mean it when I say sorry, I have decided to quit Parliament. Sorry to everyone who believed in me.

25 January 2018

SAM DASTYARI: Me again. I’m off now. Cleared my desk. Gone for good. Sorry it’s taken so long to say “so long.”

Working on a few ideas. Maybe a talk show of my own somewhere in China. Stay tuned.

7 February 2018

MALCOLM TURNBULL: Sorry for leaving the ‘Closing The Gap’ event in Parliament House early, but Lucy messaged me that I forgot to put the bins out, and I only had half an hour before the garbage truck arrived.

11 November 1975

GOUGH WHITLAM: Men and women of Australia. I say sorry for my fucking abysmal choice of Governor General.

13 February 2018

BARNABY JOYCE: To Natalie and the girls, and Vikki, I say sorry. To the people of Australia I say sorry for my truly horrible dress sense.

JOHN HOWARD: I don’t say sorry.

JIM MOLAN: Me either.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: When it comes to saying sorry, none have come close to The Easybeats.

Rocky Dabscheck is a musician/songwriter and front person for Rocky and The Two Bob Millionaires. He is also the author of Stoney Broke and the Hi-Spenders.

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