Human Rights
Court green-lights Sussan Ley's climate duty of care appeal

On 15 March, the Full Federal Court handed down its decision in the Sharma v Minister for the ...  
People with disabilities marginalised in politics and wider society

Diversity in Australia’s federal and state parliaments has been a hot topic for debate in recent ...  
Julian Assange's family tirelessly advocate for his freedom

The fight for Julian Assange's freedom goes on in the face of Western intransigence, writes Dr ...  
Sickness of racism still alive in Western culture

The problem of racism has roots throughout history and is sadly still alive in Western culture and ...  
Government backflips on NZ refugee offer

The Australian Government's flip on the settlement of asylum seekers in New Zealand highlights the ...  
Harmony Day airbrushes Australia's racist ideologies

Harmony Day continues to be a day of tokenism, as Australia has whitewashed the International Day ...  
A tale of two responses: Ukraine supported as Rohingya ignored

The Rohingya have received little international support and that must change to ensure their ...  
Religious discrimination bill set aside, win for human rights

Thank God, the Religious Discrimination Bill is done for.   
Rotten rulings — Julian Assange's extradition appeal denied

Continuing his uphill legal battle, Julian Assange has been denied U.S. extradition appeal as his ...  
Walker, Assange and the 'climate kids': Signs of a broken legal system

One of the most hackneyed weapons in any colonial apologist’s arsenal is the myth former colo ...  
Understanding the war in Ukraine

The war between Russia and Ukraine began long before 24 February 2022, the date provided for the ...  
We must remember women during the war in Ukraine

We have all watched in horror as Russian troops have advanced on Ukraine.  
Ukraine response shows Australia's refugee hypocrisy

Scott Morrison's compassion towards the refugees of Ukraine is revealing the hypocrisy of his ...  
Australia should stand by Tibet's side, not shun it

10 March 2022 will mark the 63rd anniversary of Tibetan Uprising Day when Tibetans revolted ...  
Ukraine’s refugee crisis revealing Western double standards

Refugees from Afghanistan and elsewhere have faced hostility in Europe whereas Ukrainian refugees ...  
The world must remember the suffering of Afghan women

On International Women's Day, we must reflect on the injustices facing women in Afghanistan ...  
Like Vietnam, Ukraine dragged into bloody conflict

The war in Ukraine has historical precedents, writes Frances Letters.  
Agriculture Visa policy tarnished by political deals

Australia's Agriculture Visa policy is in disarray, writes Abul Rizvi.  
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