Human Rights
Australia is a leader on suicide awareness, laggard on prevention

Australia must do more for victims to ensure that they can heal, writes Gerry Georgatos.   
Questions remain over Assange's stroke, as he is sent to likely death

The details surrounding Julian Assange's mini-stroke in October 2021 remain unclear, as he is to ...  
FLASHBACK 2021: Morrison Government sends Australia backward in women's rights

The overturning of Roe v Wade in the U.S. has reminded us all of the importance of women's rights ...  
Roe v Wade decision is a blow to the rights of all women

The overturning of Roe v Wade isn't just an American issue, but an indication of the oppression of ...  
'Not in my backyard': Sale of tacos under-regulated in the U.S.

Once again, America, Mexicans have wandered about the streets thinking that they can simply go ...  
In Geneva, media and journalists call for release of Assange

During a press conference in Geneva, representatives of journalists and publishers from Switzer ...  
Andrews Government defends anti-protest logging law

The Victorian Government is attempting to pass a bill broadly criminalising the protest of native ...  
6 reasons why everyone should fight for Assange's freedom

The justice system has failed to defend the principles it should protect in the case of WikiLeaks ...  
Islamophobia: Asia's ugly growth industry

With the development of social media helping to spread far-Right messaging from the West, anti- ...  
Predictable monstrosity: UK approves Assange extradition

The only shock about the UK Home Secretary Priti Patel's decision regarding Julian Assange was ...  
The dangerous idea of arming all American schools

The United States remains a country of tenacious faith, including in the sanctity of guns.   
Julian Assange and family suffer as unjust detention continues

The documentary Ithaka powerfully depicts the fight Julian Assange's family is putting up for ...  
Trashing of Rebel Wilson's rights exposes media’s decency decline

The Sydney Morning Herald's (SMH's) treatment of Rebel Wilson is a shocking and grimy reminder ...  
Peter Dutton — the boy who cried 'boats!'

Liberal Leader Peter Dutton is warning of a ‘looming disaster’ of boat arrivals.  
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EDITORIAL: Trashing of Rebel Wilson's rights exposes media’s decency decline

The Sydney Morning Herald's (SMH's) treatment of Rebel Wilson is a shocking and ...  
Julian Assange is being crucified for our sins

Julian Assange is being slowly murdered by the forces of the U.S. and British states, his crime ...  
Biloela family triumph should inspire amnesty for other refugees

With the return of the Murugappan family to Biloela, the Albanese Government has shown that ...  
Coalition 'corrupted' its mandate to govern in the national interest

By governing for the few and treating Australia to the misuse of public funds, rorts and a lack of ...  
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