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The imprisonment of Scott Morrison

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Evidence considered by the High Court over the next few days will spell the end of Scott Morrison, writes Bob Ellis, and may one day see him imprisoned.

THE EVIDENCE CONSIDERED in the next few days in the High Court will spell the end, politically, of Scott Morrison and may see him put in gaol for piracy, kidnapping or child abuse – of all of which he is guilty of – and also, possibly, complicity in murder — the latter if he has already sent back to Sri Lanka children who have been killed or ‘disappeared’.

It is my opinion – and I may be wrong – that the Court has no option but to let the imprisoned Tamils come to Australia, at least in order to testify, and almost certainly to live here.

My evidence for this is Morrison’s crazy behaviour in the last four weeks and his letting in, yesterday, of a fifteen-year-old stowaway, whom he had previously described as ‘not in the national interest’ and ordered back to his probable death in Somalia. He must have been pretty scared to do that, after hearing advice from his lawyers, I would guess, that he should now quickly curry favour with the Court.

Of this bizarre brief semi-fascist chapter in our Federal history, now approaching its end, Scott Morrison is surely the most eccentric, lawless, foolish footsoldier and propagandist.

He has threatened three-year-old refugee children with 100 years of imprisonment, without appeal, on Nauru.

He has covered up a murder and let the murderer get away.

He has covered up the throat-cutting, shooting and head-clubbing of sixty people.

He has separated Muslim women from their husbands – for long years their only protectors – and terrified their children by not letting them know, in a language they understand, how long they will be imprisoned and where they are going and if they will be killed there.

He speaks in tongues and prays for his captives, and jeers at his opponents for not being tough enough, deeming child abuse an honourable way of being tough, and a valiant thing to be engaged in.

It may well be that he will survive the week unimprisoned. But he will not, I believe, in this era of slaughtered, raped and molested children, survive as responsible Minister and the guardian of hundreds of them beyond Saturday.

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