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For a publication that operates on a shoestring budget, IA punches above its weight.

When I began Independent Australia on 24 June 2010, I didn't realise how popular it would become — the website now receives over half a million unique visits a month and is truly one of Australia's most popular news sources.

But what I did know was what I wanted IA to be — a strong source of independent news, telling the plain truth without the spin. A publication looking for facts other publications had overlooked or avoided, for their own reasons.

We have done that and, along the way, attracted brilliant journalists and writers  — such as Alan AustinRodney E. LeverBarry Everingham and Bob Ellis. We have also given a voice to and mentored hundreds of citizen and aspiring journalists. And we have made uncovering corruption our speciality, such as through our acclaimed Ashbygate and Jacksonville investigations, as well as our tireless delving into political parties, "think tanks" and media monopolists.


I am proud of the publication Independent Australia has become. However, IA has been run on a shoestring, supported by me, some donations and a dedicated and talented editorial team of mostly unpaid volunteers. To continue, the time has come for IA to be run on a much more solid basis. It is the only way we will able to continue making a difference — to keep on being a strong, sane, progressive voice in Australian public life.

To do this, for the next month, up until March 15, we will be on a membership/fundraising drive. Note: there will never be a paywall on IA – so you will always be able to read IA online for free – however we are now offering daily and weekly newsletters, as well as a range of extras, including an annual magazine and exclusive merchandise, through paid subscriptions.



We believe that if IA is backed by at least 2,000 subscribers (we have about 200 so far) the future will look bright. If it isn't able to attract this sort of support then, sadly, IA may disappear.

Please consider both subscribing and sharing this offer with your friends and family. Help IA move on from a shoestring budget to just a lean one. You will be doing a service to not just IA, but in helping keep independent media in Australia alive.

And if you don't want to be a subscriber right now, please consider supporting us through a one-off donation here. Your support of IA is hugely appreciated.

Thank you.

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