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Climate change is a huge threat to 'national security'
With rising sea levels, Pacific island states will look to Australia for leadership or refuge, writes Jim Clough.  
MUNGO MACCALLUM: The Coalition's real-life 'Mediscare' on Medicare
The private health insurance funds have effectively been on notice for 50 years — since the time of the moon landing.  

Cottrell is no 'freedom of speech' advocate but a violent fascist
Authentic UPF Leader Blair Cottrell is no freedom of speech activist, he is an authoritarian who daydreams about bloody revolution and power.
NBN sale ruled out — taxpayers to pay instead
It seems the NBN will not be sold, for now, but it remains a political football, which can be kicked in any direction by the Morrison Government.
Understanding the booing of Adam Goodes
The film, The Final Quarter, needs to be seen by all Australians in order to appreciate that Adam Goodes has been wronged by this nation.
A day in the life of that champion of free speech, Israel Folau
Folau’s fun-filled day starts at the Sydney Cricket Ground, watching the Sydney Swans do battle against his former team, GWS.
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