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Christchurch attack: Shaky minds, guns and the internet
Dr Lee Duffield strives to find explanations for a surge of barbarism this century reaching even into peaceful Christchurch.
Anning, Hanson and the law
Senator Fraser Anning defends a lawsuit filed by Senator Pauline Hanson alleging a breach of copyright.

After Christchurch: Business as usual in racist Australia
The Coalition Government and media organisations are tacitly allowing the status quo of racism and division to continue,
In the shadow of Christchurch, is Australia an inherently racist country?
The Christchurch shooter is but one manifestation of Australia's racism.
Christchurch shooter's obsession with white supremacist war criminals
Is there a connection between the Christchurch shooter's white-supremacist "manifesto" and a subculture of convicted war criminals?
The seeds of intolerance were sown long before the Christchurch massacre
The seeds of intolerance and vilification toward Muslims were sown long ago and reaped a vile harvest in the ghastly Mosque massacre in Christchurch.
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