Thabbott transfixes his Tory audience with his 'Final Solution' to pesky boat people

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Tony Abbott, ever the ideological warrior, did Margaret Thatcher proud as he unveiled his 'Final Solution' for pesky boat people to his enthralled Tory audience in London's Guildhall on Wednesday this week. Martin McMahon reports. 

TONY KNOWS better than Jesus, he says more or less. On Wednesday morning this week, Mr Abbott told the Tories gathered at the Margaret Thatcher Lecture in London:  

The imperative to 'love your neighbour as yourself' is at the heart of every Western polity … but right now this wholesome instinct is leading much of Europe into catastrophic error.

In the Bible, Jesus is asked what is the greatest commandment and replies with two: “love God’ and ‘love thy neighbour as thyself”.

But Jesus it seems got that one wrong, according to Abbott.

In his London speech, Mr. Abbott said that the people arriving in Europe should be considered economic migrants, not refugees, even if they were fleeing war in Syria or elsewhere, because they were no longer in immediate danger. They should be put in immediate danger he suggested.

“In Europe, as with Australia, people claiming asylum invariably have crossed not one border but many, and are no longer fleeing in fear but are contracting in hope with people smugglers. However desperate, almost by definition they are economic migrants because they had already escaped persecution when they decided to move again.”

Refugee Council of Australia President Phil Glendenning slammed Mr Abbott's comments as "disappointing" and "simplistic" telling ABC News Breakfast:

In terms of what Mr Abbott's proposing in Europe, it would be an utter catastrophe if people fleeing from persecution were told to go back there, were pushed back to sea where they would likely drown.

I find it very disappointing that an Australian PM would say this.

Mr Glendenning took aim at Mr Abbott's claim he had stopped asylum seeker boats coming to Australia, saying:

It hasn't actually stopped people taking to the sea in our region.

The UN's recently reported there are some 53,000 people trying to seek safety and security in our region.

So the boats have sort of been deflected.

They've passed the problem on to someone else.

Abbott went on in his usual self-aggrandisement way.

“It's usually presumptuous to invoke the glorious dead in support of current policy but your invitation to give this lecture suggests there was at least a hint of Thatcher about my government in Australia: stopping the flow of illegal immigrant boats because a country that can't control its borders starts to lose control of itself; the repeal of the carbon tax that was socialism masquerading as environmentalism; budget repair so that within five years, the Australian government will once again be living within its means; the free trade agreements with our biggest markets to increase competition and make it fairer; the royal commission into corrupt union bosses; an even stronger alliance with the United States and a readiness to call out Russia (shirt fronting) for the shooting down of a civilian airliner.”


Abbott in his speech reinforced the common deception held by most British people that their former empire was a benevolent servant of mankind, whereas Britain’s imperial conquests manifestly have not even been in the interest of the ordinary British people. But while the propaganda machine allows them to live in their self-righteous cocoon, they cannot understand the ingratitude of the world.

While genocidal maniacs like Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Sadam Husain and Idi-Amen are well known, any of the monarchs of Britain, “despot under the forms of law”, from Henry VIII (and before) down to Queen Victoria could have held their own with the best of them.

The Evil Empire has left a terrible trail of destruction in so many countries. Check out some of the atrocities here.

One of the great mysteries of all time is the way Britain got away with pillaging nearly every country on the planet without any reckoning. The difference between the British and others is that the British were good at it, and had no conscience to trouble them. They married evil means with evil ends, a lust for conquest, and the worship of power, thus producing a dystopia of sadistic horrors.

Even today, decisions made on behalf of the Empire are echoing into everyone’s living room. Winston Churchill, as Britain’s colonial secretary in the 1920s, made one of his many mistakes, which still has disastrous consequences. Churchill created the artificial monarchy of Iraq after World War I, forcing together entirely unfriendly peoples under a single ruler.

The British grabbed Palestine, attempted to set up puppet monarchies in Arabia and cobbled together hostile groups of people – Kurds and Sunni and Shiite Arabs – into the artificial kingdom of Iraq, ruled by the imposed Hashemite king Faisal king of a land to which he had no connections at all.

Defying the desire of subject peoples to rule themselves, Churchill put together the broken pieces of the Ottoman Empire and created a powder keg that was just waiting to explode.

After the war ended, the British wanted the benefits of empire on the cheap. Distribute the Kurds across several states and they would make no trouble. But Iraq proved impossible to govern and it still is.

Churchill had ended up fighting the Turks after he had requisitioned for his own fleet heavy warships due by contract to the Turkish Ottoman navy. The overall campaign was a disaster of the first order. There were over 400,000 casualties but despite the losses Churchill was happy with what he had done.

He also made what could have been a disastrous decision with regard to the sinking of the French fleet on 3 July 1940. Following the German invasion the French Army was shattered, but the French Navy was amazingly intact. Jean Louis Xavier François Darlan, the Admiral of the French Fleet told Churchill point-blank that the Fleet would be sunk by the French themselves before they would surrender it to the Germans.

Churchill decided to sink it himself anyway. While the French were furious over the events, the reaction in England was the exact opposite. The propaganda machine was well oiled. The decision could have turned most of Europe against Britain and the war could have been lost. 

Abbott doesn’t mention any of this in his self-aggrandising Thatcher lecture. He is too busy with his entourage seeing the sights at tax-payers' expense to bother about the facts. 

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