Reasons behind Europe's COVID-19 second wave inconsistencies

Europe is facing a second wave of COVID-19, yet the rate of cases is not uniform across the ...  
Reasons to be hopeful for a Joe Biden victory

Polls are leaning towards a Democrat victory in the upcoming U.S. Election, ending the circus that ...  
Trumpism: It's firing up the Far-Right

Donald Trump's inflammatory rhetoric appears to be informing extremism in Australia and rightwing ...  
A Joe Biden victory is important for progressive politics

Progressives have no choice but to elect Joe Biden in the U.S. Presidential Election, despite some ...  
China tightens the screws on Australian coal imports

Some Chinese energy providers have been told to stop importing Australian coal amidst trade ...  
American women hold the keys to the White House in this Presidential Election

The outcome of the upcoming U.S. Presidential Election rests largely on female voters standing up ...  
Kamala Harris excels in the U.S. Vice Presidential debate

Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris advanced an inclusive vision for the U.S. while incum ...  
Trump's lies and deception threaten U.S. democracy

Donald Trump and his enablers continue to spread misinformation and conspiracy, to the detriment ...  
Lebanon's 100th anniversary is a time to rebuild

The international community and wider diaspora must support Lebanon in its efforts to reset ...  
New Caledonia again votes ‘No’ — tension in the air

Two expectations marked the lead-up to the independence referendum in New Caledonia: it would be ...  
President Trump is a clear and present danger

Since becoming infected with the deadly virus that has taken more than a million lives worldwide ...  
Don't expect due process in the U.S. Election

Even if Biden were to gain enough votes, Trump will not allow him to win the U.S. Election.  
Trump and the death of belief

“Belief is the death of intelligence. As soon as one believes a doctrine of any sort, or assumes ...  
Trump’s October surprise: The U.S. Election takes an unexpected turn

According to White House statements, President Trump has contracted COVID-19, but Dr Martin Hirst ...  
Nuclear power: A gargantuan threat

Nuclear risk and climate crisis have pushed the Earth dangerously closer to doomsday.  
The 'train wreck' debate and the moral decay of the Republican Party

The Biden-Trump debate wasn’t a debate in the ordinary sense.   
Mainstream media chastises China, ignoring U.S. crimes

Journalism can never be totally objective.  
Security agencies assume greater role in Australian policymaking

The question taxing many is why are our security services and not the Department of Foreign ...  
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