EXCLUSIVE : Trump has no intention of allowing Aus refugees settle in U.S.

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Fake deal (Images by @ABCcameramatt via ABC PoliPics)

Australia’s grubby asylum seeker deal with the U.S. is now looking even more tawdry, reports contributing editor-at-large Tess Lawrence.

AUSTRALIA'S ASYLUM SEEKER DIRTY DEAL with America is getting even dirtier.

Independent Australia has learned that President Donald Trump has, allegedly, no intention of allowing our refugees from Manus Island and Nauru to spend more than a few hours on United States soil.

He is, according to reliable IA sources, “stringing Australia along”.

He doesn't want our rejects to settle in America. They have little prospect of being welcomed as future American citizens. He's been toying with us, playing cat and mouse with Australia.


Trump's conduct is tantamount to a political pussy grab of Turnbull. He's got him by the proverbials. In our lingo, by the short and curlies, by jingo.

IA's long standing sources told us:

“They [the refugees] will be lucky if their feet even touch the tarmac.” 

Every effort will be made to prevent them from disembarking.

The plan is to confine them to airport transit lounges and they will be accompanied at all times by armed "sky rangers".  They will be treated as terrorists.

We have been informed that President Trump will consider his obligations to uphold the deal struck by the Obama Administration  and keep the faith with Australia complete once he has what was described as "lift-off" for the refugees, once they are in the air.

They will then be subject to America's pleasure and the volatility of President Trump's mood swings; the U.S. will have sovereign rights over them. Such is the foul trade of toxic diplomatic inhumanity. These are people smugglers in ill-fitting suits of the finest cloth.


They will be returned to "sender". Despatched to whence they came.

In some cases, this will mean certain death if they are made to return to dangerous neighbourhoods and conflicts they fled.

Further, we have been told that “nothing is off the table” and

“... if the President feels that enhanced interrogation is needed, then that's a possibility.”


Already the President and Press Secretary Sean Spicer (a little calmer these days) have confirmed that the US

“... would go through a very, very extreme vetting process to ensure that every single person that is being offered up is coming here with peaceful intentions and poses no threat to the United States.” 

It should be noted that Spicer is to the Administration what Christopher Pyne is to the Coalition; the bidding of their masters is their forte.

Thus, these vulnerable refugees will be flipped out of the frying pan into the fire.


But hang on, hombres, the refugees have already been processed by the United States. Remember?

In fact, in November last year, a squad  of Homeland Security officials and counter-terrorism experts flew to Australia and then travelled on to Manus Island and Nauru to assess asylum seekers for U.S. settlement.

The assessments were completed.


Just as Trump has repeatedly trashed U.S. intelligence services, his call for the refugees to be reprocessed trashes the calibre of the Homeland Security team that intitially processed them.

It is an insult and certainly has dark implications in terms of trust and lack of faith in his fellow countrymen and women. And of course, it is also a swipe at Barack Obama's competency as commander-in-chief — and the leadership team.

The revelations in the Washington Post that, far from being a convivial conversation between two world leaders, as we had been led to believe, in a rude phone call, President Trump berated and harangued Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, treating him and Australia like the compliant lackey to the U.S. we have so earnestly striven to become. 


We remain Tonto to Trump's Lone Ranger, as we did his numerous predecessors.

In a bizarre compact, struck in the dying days of the Obama Administration as a concession to the persistent begging of Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, desperate to save political face for the Coalition, our asylum seekers and refugees, who already were illegally and indecently outsourced to Manus Island and Nauru, are to be trafficked to the United States for settlement — simple as that.

In his self-amusing Trumpeets, the great communicator asks why would the Obama Administration agree to take thousands of “illegal immigrants” from Australia ?

Why indeed. It makes no sense whatever. Trump is right. It is a “dumb deal”.

Of course, we get a clue from who might be feeding Trump such bilge with his erroneous description of asylum seekers as “illegal immigrants”.

He's given the game away. Asylum seekers and refugees are not illegal.

This mantric phrase is an "alternative fact" promulgated by successive deceptive Australian governments who, like Trump, enshrine the proposition that, if repeated often enough, a lie will transmogrify into the truth. 

Our racist Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Peter Dutton is particularly fond of the term.

Then again, he's also got it in for ordinary citizens going about their business in Melbourne's CBD, sooling a small army comprised of a various policing and intelligence agencies upon us.

Who can forget the botched rumble in the concrete jungle by the Austasi, aborted only because citizen activists just weren't going to take such arrant nonsense and swarmed into the city to protest.

In an article published in November last year, we cited Peter Dutton as proof that Donald J. Trump has a half-brother living in Australia. At the least they are ideological siblings.

Here's why:

'The fascist, white supremacist ideology at the core of their kindred blatant vilification and demonising of Muslims reflects the racial stereotyping and profiling that has become the key go-to new normal incendiary explosive device of contemporary global politics.'

The Trumphonic Affair is not the first time that Trump has humiliated Turnbull. And yes, that involved a phone call too.

Remember this 'STOP PRESS' addition in an article on boat people once sentenced to the term of their natural life to Australia now being sentenced from Australia.

***STOP PRESS!*** (updated 11.30am 19/11/16)


IA sources have confirmed that U.S. President-elect Donald Trump declined Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's meeting request because he doesn't want a refugee swap.

Turnbull sought a meeting whilst on his way to the APEC summit in Peru.

We understand Trump does not want to uphold the refugee swap struck with the outgoing Obama Government.

In an embarrassing rebuff for Australia, Trump spurned Turnbull's attempt to engage in some pre-inauguration political foreplay about the refugee swap and trade.

And yet, only days ago Trump happily entertained Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, also on his way to APEC, at his showcase Trump Towers.

Australia has very firmly been put in its place. As has PM Turnbull. 

Last September, PM Turnbull told the United Nations Summit for Refugees and Migrants in New York, Trump's home town, that Australia would take refugees from the U.S. detention camps in Costa Rica.

Yes, Costa Rica, where the U.S. warehouses refugees fleeing the bloody violence of places like El Salvador, Honduras and Guatamala.

Not that the U.S. makes a song and dance about it. Why would they?

After all, there is that tiresome matter about America's role in the Salvadoran 12 year civil war and massacres in 1981, where it is thought at least 200 people were murdered. 

Families still mourn for "The Disapeared" — those still missing.

The CIA is still refusing to hand over all documents requested by Human Rights organisations.

Two years ago, the University of Washington Center for Human Rights filed a lawsuit against the CIA for refusing to supply those documents. 

Their report makes for harrowing reading — not dissimilar to some of the horror and violence endured by asylum seekers fleeing to Australia.

The lawsuit is ongoing, but last year the CIA released some declassified documents to the Center that implicates the role of the United States as well as El Salvadoran Government forces they worked with.

All the while, this was happening in the reign of Republican patron saint President Ronald Reagan and, before him, Democrat President Jimmy Carter.

But notice that neither Trump nor Turnbull said anything about the swap; the quid pro quo?

Or did I miss something? That was the real reason why America agreed to the swap.

So here's the deal: America takes our refugees; we take theirs. Despite patently untrue denials by both America and Australia, this inane and offensive trading of human beings is nothing more than a refugee swap.

Writing for the Australian Institute of International Affairs, Dr Robert Mason, lecturer in migration and security studies, Griffith University, explained it this way:

The region is plagued by gang violence that can be traced to El Salvador’s civil war (1979-1992). Young men were displaced by the conflict and sought work in the US. Once in the cities of California, they formed part of an already existing gang culture that provided an identity and means of support. Thousands of gang members were deported back to El Salvador in the 1990s, after American authorities became concerned at their activities. Those who were deported had few means to support themselves and the gangs quickly reasserted themselves in El Salvador, growing rapidly to approximately 60,000 gang members. The violence steadily spread to neighbouring Guatemala and Honduras.

The narcisstic Trump has already started to transmogrify the preamble to the United States Constitution from 'We the People' to 'Me the People'.  He will get away with it for as long as the world allows him to. We live in an age that worships the cult of celebrity.

I do expect him to post a naked selfie any time soon.

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