Abbott's thugs not fit to run the country

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Barry Everingham says the behaviour of the Liberals this week in Parliament shows they’re far from being ready to run the country.

The behaviour in the House of Representatives of the Leader of the Opposition and those behind him have this week given us a glaring and disgusting example of just how unready they are to be given the responsibility of running this country.

The delaying and disrupting tactics used by a new cheer squad of Liberal troglodytes have brought disgrace to those who see themselves as an alternative Government.

Their constant derision of the Prime Minister was led by the crone of the House, Bronwyn Bishop, whose only claim to fame was her sacking by John Howard when she, as a Minister, turned a blind eye to the use of kerosene in the bathwater of residents at an aged care home.

When Malcolm Turnbull was Opposition leader, he wouldn’t have a bar of her, but when Tony Abbott was voted in by just one vote, he installed her on his front bench with some of the most unspeakable detritus of the Howard years — those people who went along with the lie that boat people threw their children overboard; the people who were silent when Dr Haneef was so grievously and illegally hunted down. The very people who turned blind eyes to the treatment of Australian citizens Christina Rau and David Hicks.

Abbott has installed people who heard John Howard say a vote for Barack Obama would make Osama bin Laden a happy man – that allowed Howard to get away with the lie that Iraq had WMD’s knowing full well there were none and who along with his mates Bush and Blair have caused untold death destruction and misery to millions of Muslims.

Sir Robert Menzies would be, and probably is, spinning in his grave when such people from the Abbott camp are responsible for lowering the reputation of House of Representatives.

God knows the hideous sight of that foul mouthed Sophie Mirabella (“you can  all get fucked”) waddling to the despatch box with her arrogance overflowing is only matched by the David Flint like mincing, lip pursing and head shaking antics of Christopher Pyne.

The cold hard unbending facial antics of the former Queensland cop Peter Dutton is spine chilling while the tragedy that is Joe Hockey is nothing short of pathetic.

Just a few, but a few too many, who are capable ruining this country and who will make the lives of ordinary Australians hell on earth if they gain power.

Tony Abbott takes the advice of the likes of Christopher Monckton, Andrew Bolt, Alan Jones, Hugh Morgan, Cardinal Pell and others of the same ilk.

Vote for him and we have no hope.

No hope at all.

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