Ukraine’s refugee crisis revealing Western double standards

Refugees from Afghanistan and elsewhere have faced hostility in Europe whereas Ukrainian refugees ...  
Putin will prevail if good people do nothing

Not enough has been done to prevent Vladimir Putin from continuing his war against Ukraine.  
Criminal or hero: The life of ‘Breaker’ Morant

On the anniversary of the execution of "Breaker" Morant, history editor Dr Glenn Davies examines ...  
Like Vietnam, Ukraine dragged into bloody conflict

The war in Ukraine has historical precedents, writes Frances Letters.  
As climate catastrophe nears, Russia focuses on futile war

Internecine wars while the climate threatens to collapse around us is the height of folly, writes ...  
Ukraine: Three decades after the Cold War, back to open conflict

With Russia launching a full-scale attack on Ukraine, Dr Lee Duffield analyses events leading up ...  
JOHN PILGER: War in Europe and the rise of raw propaganda

Marshall McLuhan’s prophecy that “the successor to politics will be propaganda” has happe ...  
Australia's defence program is dead in the water

Australia's defence program has been mired by inferior military equipment and unwavering loyalty ...  
Joe Biden keeps the War on Terror alive

The Biden Administration is continuing the War on Terror through its own acts of hostility.  
U.S. embargo against Cuba turns 60

It all seems worn, part of an "aspic" approach to foreign policy. But U.S. President Joe Biden ...  
Diplomacy dies on the dung-hill of Australia-China relations

In dealing with the expansion of Chinese power and influence in our region, the Morrison Govern ...  
Australians look in vain for independent foreign policy

One of the most disturbing features of contemporary politics is the almost complete absence of any ...  
USA and Europe react to Russian moves against Ukraine

Amid tensions between Russia and Ukraine, a display of unity is being achieved between European ...  
Peter Dutton's war machine cult

The Federal Government has spent billions on defence equipment, ignoring issues such as the ...  
Sir Tony Blair: Bloody Knight of the Realm

The knighthood of Tony Blair has received backlash due to accusations of the former British PM ...  
Great power rivalry: The Cold War returns

The economic crisis of capitalism and the return to the doctrine of great power rivalry has seen ...  
Coalition pumps more money into keeping Australia 'safe'

The announcement of yet another defence contract reinforces the idea that late capitalism is all ...  
War against China: Sending our kids to the slaughter

If history has taught us anything, it's that war always results in the senseless death of our ...  
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