Stop asking everyone to condemn Hamas

Decades of conflict and struggle in the Middle East are being downplayed by the media's eagerness ...  
Spotlight falls on Netanyahu amid destructive war in Israel and Gaza

While the terrorist attack by Hamas in Israel is unforgivable, legitimate questions around Israeli ...  
Albanese Government joins world leaders in condemning attacks on Israel

The Albanese Government has continued Australia's relations with Israel by condemning terrorist ...  
Indecency’s conspiracy of silence: Hamas, Israel and the use of force

Following deadly attacks by Islamic militant group Hamas, Israel has declared war, with the ...  
David McBride facing life sentence as war criminals go unpunished

The whistleblower of Australian war crimes in Afghanistan is facing life in prison for exposing ...  
Russia's place on UN Security Council should be revoked

Following its acts of aggression against Ukraine, Russia no longer deserves a seat at the United ...  
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Sovereignty mocked in Ukraine 'proxy war'

The cliché that truth is the first casualty of war may be a tired one but it is still true.  
Colombia's violent conflict threatening global security

Armed conflict and gang-related violence still plagues Colombia and is a humanitarian crisis in ...  
The ALP National Conference and the march to war

The ALP National Conference aimed to sideline, at least for a time, any internal opposition to its ...  
Nuclear deterrence is a dangerous fraud

The theory of nuclear deterrence is a feeble excuse for nations to hold onto their weapons of mass ...  
The Oppenheimer imperative: Normalising atomic terror

The atomic bomb created a philosophy of acceptable cruelty, worthy extinction and legitimate ...  
Volunteers risk their lives to fight for Ukraine

Volunteers from around the world have taken up arms to defend Ukraine against Russian attacks.  
U.S. grip over Australia strips us of sovereignty

The Australia-U.S. Ministerial Consultations (AUSMIN) has further surrendered sovereignty and ...  
Russia's attack on Ukraine leaving catastrophic toll on environment

Aside from the devastating loss of human life, the attack on Ukraine by Russian forces has resu ...  
U.S. aggression against China ignores lessons of Hiroshima

In its determination to become the superior military power, the U.S. is ignoring historical ...  
Red Hotel a historic example of the war on journalistic truth

Details of the disinformation war conducted by Joseph Stalin mirror the modern-day stifling of ...  
Fractures within the newly formed AUKUS 'alliance'

Not everyone is on board with the terms of the AUKUS arrangement.  
AUKUS deal shows Australia's subservience to U.S. dictates

There is great community opposition to the Labor Government’s embrace of AUKUS and its proposed ...  
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