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With 60 Minutes airing promos saying James Ashby is about to reveal.. err … revelations that will “rock the Government” the Ashbygate Trust, fresh from acquiring a new ‘Sleekline Clive’, has set up a sweep.

Good news!

The Ashbygate Trust has a new Clive Palmer ‘sleekline’ coffee machine. It’s a beauty, with a froth-making capacity way beyond that of any equivalent Chinese model. Froth everywhere, if you’re not careful.

Speaking of froth, James Ashby is about to appear on the decaf skim frappacino TV that is 60 Minutes.

That’s right, Ashby and 60 Minutes. At the same time. In the same room. Together. Sunday Night. Be there!

We asked around the Trust’s ping pong room, but couldn’t find anyone who’d seen 60 Minutes in the last few years. Ditto the pub.

Luckily, Simon, who recently joined us as an intern, having last worked as a creative for a boutique advertising agency, reckons it’s great. So, fingers crossed.

Anyway, the 60 Minutes promo has James tipping a bucket on the Government for some kind of conspiracy.

This is going to be like the FIFA World Cup.

The Trust will be gathered around its new Cormann wide-screen TV, which normally just plays Hogan’s Heroes re-runs, most waving the well-known Slipper team colours of white and not so white, a few in the Ashby strip of strawberries juxtaposed against a tasteful background of LNP blue.

And there’ll be betting, of course: $2 in at the start with the ability to double the bet at half-time or, in this case, the first ad break.

Early betting for the ice bucket award is:

  • Mal Brough — unbackable odds
  • Chris Pyne — just odd
  • Peta Credlin — firming
  • Julie Bishop — scratched
  • Tony Abbott — last few starts have been poor, but 2/1 neverthless (very good in the mud)
  • Boxed Trifecta — Free Enterprise Foundation (x3)
  • Truth — money back for stone cold motherless last.


Read more about the Ashbygate saga on IA's dedicated page.

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