Class service: The rich schools are becoming richer

Private schools are charging extraordinary amounts in school fees, for what is basically the same ...  
Failing: Music Academy falling short of Government-mandated enrolments

There are serious questions to be raised about the operation of the James Morrison Academy of ...  
Government agency inadequate against campus sexual assault complaints

A volunteer group for the safety of students is disappointed with the lack of action taken by the ...  
Forgiving the student debt trap

Many tertiary students struggle under the weight of student debts, so maybe it's time for polic ...  
Moving forward: Unity after Christchurch

Open discussions between people of all backgrounds are the key to unlocking the potential for ...  
Isn't it about time? Schools should be starting later

There are many good reasons why schools should be starting later.  
UniSA assault statistics reveal work still needs to be done

Statistics for sexual assaults at the University of South Australia reveal improvements needed in ...  
The trickle-down ravages of neoliberalism

Dr Evan Jones examines the deep-rooted and devastating effects of neoliberal economic policies.  
Morrison Government's MYEFO raid on inventions, ideas and talent

The Coalition has unleashed further budget cuts to university funding, throwing bad policy after ...  
Climate strikes: No, the kids aren't alright

“If you were doing your job properly, we wouldn't be here.”  
Our politicians could learn a lot from today's youth

Government condemnation of a massive protest by students over climate change has shown us where ...  
Melbourne University's Ormond College takes initiative on rape culture

Female leaders make a big difference in stamping out sexual assault at university campuses.  
The Gospel has spoken: Religion in Victorian public schools

It’s back to the future for Victorian conservatives, writes Stephen Williams.  
University funding suffers from political interference

A number of research grants have been denied as politicians meddle in university funding, writes ...  
The struggle of being an international medical student in Australia

International medical students just want to be treated fairly.  
Refugees teaching refugees: Hope still exists for Nauru

An Indonesian school run by refugees for refugees is working tirelessly to improve their students' ...  
Australia's student housing crisis

Rosie Williams discusses the difficulties involved with trying to find suitable student housing ...  
The libertarian conspiracy behind the Ramsay Centre

An educational program with a heavily biased agenda and lack of critical thinking has come under ...  
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