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POEM: An Ode to Senator Thorpe

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*This article was highly commended in the IA Writing Competition Most Compelling Article category.




It's a new generation and pronouns are the rage
Plus a new batch of pollies have taken the stage
Of all of them though, there is who stands out
And it's Senator Thorpe, without a shadow of doubt.

On the coattails of the Greens, she came by Harley to town
Championing minorities and sticking it to the Crown
Some people are asking, Is she barking mad?
In fairness, it was Bolt and Sky News who elected to give a platform to her dad.

Now widely criticised for “making a fuss”
But imagine your own father throwing you under the bus!
Evicted from a strip club with verbal abuse her great crime
Some may just argue she's ahead of her time.

But how was Barnaby Joyce, commenting with presumption
About someone else's alcoholic consumption!
Man-handled by police — I've been there myself
If politics was about realness, she'd be top shelf.

Everyone seems to have had a go at ripping her down
But she's not one to mess with — how about that Van clown?
On the Parliament's stage, she told Pauline where to go
But there are just so few who haven't wanted to, though. 

To their discredit, no sisters have paused the great goad
Easier to paint her crazy — it serves their cause so
Condemned by so many and told to go take a hike 
In fairness, with chance, I'd ride a great Martin bike! 

Neither poised nor polished, but should she need be?
A woman after my own heart — you get what you see
She is not fit for parliament, says Van like white Sir
Or could it be the great halls, aren't ready for her?

Running scared and desperate to stop her calling them out
Perhaps running scared of the fact she is gaining some clout
Who would actually write this, I hear the hacks say
It's not even fiction — burn the rulebook, she'd say.

A controversial poem, perhaps, but let it be known
Senator Thorpe — this is an ode
Let all young girls take a sip from her cup
If only we were all a bit more Lidia as we grew up.


Naomi Fryers is a writer, author, storyteller and TedX speaker from Melbourne. This article was highly commended in the IA Writing Competition Most Enthralling Fiction Work category. 

*Full IA Writing Competition details and conditions of entry HERE.

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