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REVIEW: John Passant's 'Whose broken is this? and other poems'

John Passant has packed 58 remarkable poems Into the 108 pages of his second volume of poems ...  
POEM: Together we must

Together we must   HE was three years old You killed him And 50 others Not in Christ& ...  
Review: John Passant's 'Songs for the Band Unformed'

Sara Moss reviews IA contributor John Passant's book of poetry, Songs for the Band Unformed, a ...  
Review: 'False Claims of Colonial Thieves'

Dr Laurie Keim reviews a new, rich book of poetry and, within it, he traces the fault lines in the ...  
POEM: Homeless

Homeless, a poem by Laurie Keim.  
The Bigots

The Bigots, a poem by Laurence Keim.  
George Genovese: Reflections of a poet

After the launch of Love Letters to the World, in November 2016, George Genovese reflects on how ...  
The Overlord: A poem on the rise of Donald Trump

A poem on the rise of President-elect Donald Trump, by Dr Laurence Keim.   
On turning forty

On Friday 20 May 2016, the Sydney Writers' Festival is holding a special tribute to Bob Ellis (see ...  
Brandis of the Bookcase

I think that I shall never see, a minister as useless as Brandis, G.  
Letter to children

A letter to our children, by Mathias and Josh.  
Sonnet Joe

The Bard at work on an epic tragedy.  
White Australia: Blood on the wattle

In light of recent events, the threatened closure of Indigenous communities and the police attack ...  
Free drinks

Gee sings the song of Tony A, who fancied an heiress of uncommon size.  
What the poets tell us about Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott walks both sides of the fence, writes Michael Aiken — his buffoonish image assuages ...  
Ode to Anthony Albanese

When politics gets too intense or sleazy, Gee looks at pictures of Anthony Albanese. ...  
ANZAC poem

A poem by an ANZAC comrade, WR Whiteside,  written at Whakatane in New Zealand, 3 April 1947. ...  
The Raven

A different sort of Easter message, though one no less poignant, from IA satirist – and pass ...