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Independent media sources are vital to democracy, crucial to Australia and essential if we expect to live in an informed society.

Those of you who are social media users will be familiar with the Twitter accounts of mainstream media journalists and reporters, with the profile page disclaimer:

“Views expressed here are mine, and not necessarily those of my employers."

or words to that effect.

Independent media is the warts and all approach to reporting or providing political commentary.

It is the only source of political commentary that does not have any concerns over the opinions of its publisher or its shareholders. Independent media has been at the forefront of news all over the world leaving the mainstream lagging behind on many occasions.

In Australia, we saw the controversies of Ashbygate and Jacksonville be virtually ignored by the mainstream, despite the events that surrounded these controversies being two of the biggest stories in Australian political news for a decade. It is only now, years later, that the mainstream is finally catching up.


Independent Australia has proven, time and time again, to be not only ahead of the curve on important issues, but also fearless in its pursuit of exposing the truth. We often hear of the Fifth Estate and I’m proud to be a contributor to one of the leaders and trailblazers in this field — IA

In the media, there are those who seek to control our opinions by controlling our access to information, and there are others gagged by their publishers and forced to censor the truth. Independent media is a big “F... You!” to the control freaks and those holding the gags in the mainstream.

And that’s just one of the many reasons I will always support it. I hope you will do the same by subscribing to IA and thereby supporting frank, fearless, independent journalism.


Best regards,


Peter Wicks (IA contributor and editor of Wixxyleaks)

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