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Michelle Pini interviewed by RTV Slovenia on Australia's Google and Facebook code

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IA managing editor Michelle Pini was interviewed by Slovenia's public broadcaster about her recent article on the News Media Bargaining Code (Michelle Pini pictured with Julian Assange's father John Shipton at the 'Justice for Julian' event in Brisbane in 2019)

Following an IA article analysing the real winners of the Morrison Government's proposed News Media Bargaining Code, managing editor Michelle Pini was interviewed by RTV Slovenia's Jaša Rajšek about the Code, the Facebook blockade and the Australian media landscape.

First an attempt at legal intervention against Facebook, then a media blackout, then a last-minute deal between the Australian government and Facebook. What actually happened in Australia? Who is the winner and who is the loser?

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. In order to understand what happened, we must first understand that we have a media duopoly in Australia. 

...Most media outlets in Australia are now owned by two organisations. News Corp, owned by Rupert Murdoch and Nine Entertainment, led by Peter Costello, a former Liberal Government Treasurer. Both organisations are conservative in nature and mostly ... support the current government.

All in all, these are secret agreements between Facebook, Google and the Australian Government. 

"So we have a public service broadcaster that says nothing, we have an Opposition that is condemned in the media whenever it says something essential and is therefore afraid to say too much. Everyone else, in terms of journalism in the public interest, is pushed to the sidelines."

You can read the whole interview HERE.

Read Michelle Pini and David Donovan's article, 'How Morrison's media bargaining code sold Australia's soul to wretched Rupert and Mark Zuckerberg', referred to in this interview, HERE.

Read David Donovan and Michelle Pini's earlier article on the proposed media code HERE.

You can follow, on Twitter, IA managing editor Michelle Pini @vmp9 and founder and director Dave Donovan @davrosz. Follow Independent Australia on Twitter @independentaus and on Facebook HERE. Follow RTV Slovenia HERE.


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