Government must step in to fix NBN

Wholesale relief isn't likely to bring lower NBN retail prices, writes Paul Budde.  
'Coal-addicted': Government must shift to smart energy

Smart devices are ready to flood the energy market, forcing prices down, writes Paul Budde.   
Democracy, people-power and the rise of the smart city

A recent event addressed the fact that the world's liberal democracies are faltering.  
Slow progress for NBN as mobile sector surges ahead

While fixed-line telephony traffic and revenue are declining, the mobile broadband market is ...  
Dutton's facial recognition next step in burgeoning surveillance state

There appears to be no respect for privacy or transparency in the Morrison Government's proposed ...  
Telcos fall behind while tech companies flourish

Developments in the telecommunications industry and the broader digital economy have opened up ...  
NBN Co creates its own version of the truth to boost speed ranking

In a report released by NBN Co, the company have twisted the truth in an effort to give Austral ...  
NBN myths: How the Government has let us down

Communications Minister Paul Fletcher propagated a number of misconceptions in a recent speech on ...  
The NBN is now being attacked from all directions

Australia's second-rate NBN has received further criticism recently as NBN Co struggles to make ...  
Not much grandeur at the grand finals

In sports across the board, belief is getting routinely side-lined in the blur of hi-tech spect ...  
Jumping on the Australian video streaming boom

Digital video streaming is on the rise in Australia and changing the way we consume our enterta ...  
NBN issues are widening the inequality gap in Australia

The current monopolised price packaging for NBN services isn't friendly towards those struggling ...  
Democracy, social media and neoliberalism

In order to safeguard our democracy, a "smart" grassroots approach is needed to shift the balan ...  
Second-rate NBN isolates people everywhere

Truly terrible broadband is depriving people of work opportunities and isolating them — even in ...  
A community fix for Australia's second-rate rural broadband

Over the last decade, Australia has spent $5.5 billion on satellite and fixed wireless broadband ...  
Voila! The new NBN corporate plan

While Australia struggles to figure out its NBN problems, a new plan has been formed based on ...  
The 5G answer to the second-rate NBN

For as long the NBN has been under development we have heard comments that the NBN is not needed ...  
The privatisation of the NBN

It might come as a surprise to many but there is no national plan regarding the future of the ...  
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